God's plan is laid down since eternity, and deepest love for his creatures has determined God to lay it down in all wisdom, and it will also determine God to execute it because the time is fulfilled.

The Thousand Year Kingdom - Comment on 2010 February 15

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2010 February 15
God's nature is eternally unchanging, and what he once saw as necessary and successful for the beings still separated from him, that he will also carry out and not let men determine him to change his plan, as it is built up on the will of men, which he saw since eternity as no longer being able to change on this earth. Read more:

Today, on the 15th of February 2010, I read the following form Bertha Dudde, which quite well describes our present situation and the one of the near future and where also the important items, spiritual and material ones, are summarized:

The Last Hour of Earth.

1. and 2. Januray 1962. B.D. NR. 8071.

And the last hour of the clock of the World moves closer and closer. To you men these words do not mean much because you do not believe that you are standing so close before the end. And I can give you no compelling evidence for your own sake because out of fear you would be unable to still fulfil your purpose in life. And so you must believe or not, and correspondingly your state will be, when the hour is there. Because my plan is laid down since eternity, and deepest love for my creatures has determined me to lay it down in all wisdom, and it will also determine me to execute it because the time is fulfilled. My nature is eternally unchanging, and what I once saw as necessary and successful for the beings still separated from me, that I will also carry out and not let men determine me to change my plan, as it is built up on the will of men, which I saw since eternity as no longer being able to change on this earth. I do not plan and act arbitrarily but immesurable wisdom and deepest love determine me to everthing what happens. And so there is also no motive to abandon my plan of salvation from eternity because I see through everything down to the last, and so I also know that no profit would be attained, if I would change my plan of salvation or change it timewise. You men have to consider that you certainly had enough time at your disposal and you did not change, you who do not believe in me. Much longer time could still be available to you, you still would not change, therefore a postponing of the end would be completely pointless and of no use, because the ones who are mine would then be in danger to still also fall victim to my opponent when I do not bind him as it is scheduled. You just have to grant me highest wisdom and deepest love, and then you will also no longer ask for an averting of an end of this earth, then you will look foreward to the coming time in the fullest trust of my love, which will protect everyone who wants to belong to me, and wich will certainly also apply the power when it is a matter of helping men in every trouble. And when you men do not want to believe it that the time comes to an end for you, then after all reckon with the possibility that you suddenly will be called away from earth; because you know that you are not able to prolong the life for yourselves and that you also do not know yourselves when the last day has come for you. Only reckon with death, which you are not able to stop, and think of what then will happen to your soul, which is immortal, which is your actual I and about its fate you decide yourselves in life on earth. But you also do not possess this belief in a survival of the soul, and that is why you all are in terrible trouble on account of your unbelief, because it will not stop me to carry out what is announced in word and script. Because the time is fulfiled, and every day is still a favour, which you can use when only your will is good. But do not rely on false prophets who deny an end, who believe to be able to persuade me otherwise, because they do not speak in my name, but are tools of him, who wants to keep you in the darkness of the spirit and who therefore also would like to leave men in the belief that they have unlimited time. Men will rather believe these false prophets and only always seek fulfilment in bodily good living, but not think of their souls, which existence they doubt or deny. And it will come as it is predicted. I myself will come in the clouds to fetch the ones who are mine before the work of destruction at the old earth begins. And no stone will remain on top of the other because the earth has to be renewed. And a new earth will arise, a paradisiacal creation, which will again receive every still undeveloped spiritual, which got free at the destruction of the old earth and needs new formings to be able to mature further. And this new earth will become the stay of those who remain loyal to me until the end. Because these ones have reached the degree of maturity, which allows them entrance into the spheres of light and who therefore also will be allowed to inhabit paradise, which certainly will be for them the same state of happiness as if they, free of their bodily cover, would enter my spiritual kingdom. But they are to serve me as a stock of the new human race. And a new redemption period can only begin with spiritually mature men, who now also help all in the surroundings still bound spiritual to get to a fast maturity, who themselves are so closly united to me in love, that they also bring up their children and children's children to love and can give evidence to them of the glory of their God and creator and so therefore the redemption from form can take place faster, because I dwell in Jesus alive among them - because all men, who will now inhabit the earth, entrust themselves to their divine saviour and redeemer and also take consciously the way to him in the awareness of the original sin and consequently all resistance is broken because then every man consciously goes the way of return to me, so that I myself can dwell with him since his great love towards me allows this. This therefore is the thousand year kingdom where the victory over Satan is obvious, because he can and will press no men any longer, as all have now completely left him and the return to me is carried out and he now no longer has access to my kingdom, as long as also this blessed time slowly again changes - until men again show the inclination to matter and through this the fetters of my opponent - wo is lord of matter - will again come loose and his influence again makes itself noticeably felt. But until that time happens much spiritual has entered my kingdom as completely redeemed. I was able to hold a good harvest, and when also now the fight about the souls again begins with my adversary. I still will be victor, and again and again I will wring souls from him and decrease his stock, in which he sees his power. And again and again he will himself help that the redemption of the fallen progresses. Because what is mine I never ever give up, and whether also eternities pass about it - once it returns to me and remains now united with me until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 8071.


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