Why are you exactly only now here on this earth, and why did not you appear here much earlier?

Our Resistance Against God was Strong - Comment on 2010 January 23

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2010 January 23
That you men of the time of now are determined to experience the end also has its reason because your resistance against me was strong and did not allow an earlier embodiment as man. Read more:

Have you ever thought about why you are exactly now walking here on this earth? Why didn't you come here already earlier? Why didn't you perhaps even appear here at an much earlier redemption period? What was the occasion that you only turned up now? What kept you away all the time from taking up, here in this form as man, your final stage as spirit, which is imprisoned in the material world und which is in a material body, not already before a long time, and tried to become free of this imprisonment?

When we get to know the reason, that namely our resistance against God was strong, and did not allow an earlier embodiment as man, then it may perhaps be easier for us to fight against our arrogance, our overbearingness and our haughtiness and to put it aside.

It may perhaps not even be the first time that you got embodied, but the second time or even still more often. Perhaps you already failed once before or several times and did not reach the aim here on earth, to find back to God. And because you have missed the aim in the previous, or in several previous redemption periods, you only now are again in the last phase of embodiment. The purpose of reincarnation is to get out of it, to get off it, to seize the opportunity, to use the embodiment to make an end to the imprisonment in matter, and not to carry on with it. When we get incarnated then it is a sign that we failed.

Today, on 23rd of January 2010 I came across this prophecy from Bertha Dudde:


Ending of an Earth Period Lies Ahead.

27. June 1961. B.D. NR. 7929.

The time will be kept, which was set for you for your redemption, and that means, that also a redemption period is ending, that a new epoch beginns according to the plan from eternity. As I saw it as necessary and as bringing success to your soul, to the development of the whole of mankind, so this plan was laid down, because the spiritual low requires a reform; it requires the intervention for my part, a turning point, which is only a blessing, which serves the spiritual for upward development. And to me also the time is known since eternity because mankind has arrived at this spiritual low, which necessitates a change, and I will also keep to this time and execute my rescue plan, as my love and my wisdom is always determining for my rule and work in the whole of the universe. And so now also the end of a redemption period will take place, and a new one will again start, because the process of development has to carry on unstoppably, because no standstill can occur on my part and because I want to prevent a still deeper sinking of the spiritual, which goes as man over earth. So that a development period is ending is certain. It will be a spiritual turning point, but which will also have an earthly effect, because as also that which is still bound in form is to become free and move into new forms, this will also necessitate a dissolving and reshaping of the creations of the earth, so that one has to reckon on a total reshaping of the whole surface of the earth, which means the ending of the old redemption section and the start of a new development epoch. What is predetermined since eternity will also come true to the day, which is fixed for this - but the exact knowledge about the day remains hidden for you men, because it does not serve the welfare of your souls when you would know about it. But it is no longer far - whether you believe it or not - the time has expired, and my plan of rescue from eternity will be carried out according to my will. That you men of the time of now are determined to experience the end also has its reason because your resistance against me was strong and did not allow an earlier embodiment as man. But on the other hand the same period of time was set for you as you had to end your course of development. It is also possible for you to end it successfully; to all of you it is still possible to find to me before the end when you only give up your resistance and turn again to me, from whom you once turned away in free will to your own harm. You still stay on earth; do not let the time go passed unused because to a rich degree I pour out my favours over you, and I certainly help you in every way, because I alone know what it means for you when you fail and have to once again go the endless long way of development through the creations of the new earth. Reckon on it that the end is very near, and adapt yourselves to this end. And certainly it will only be a blessing for you when you turn towards me and request my strength and help. Also in a short time you still can achieve much; you can get rid of your last form and reach full spiritual freedom. You only need to want to that you do not cover your way on earth as man in vain. You only need to call to me, your God and father from eternity, for help, and you will find to Jesus - to him, who alone can and also will redeem you. Do not let this admonition die away at your ears; receive it with fullest earnestness to your heart and think about it - and act, before it is too late. Because no-one is to get lost; I still want to help everyone, before the end comes. But it comes irrevocably because the time is fulfilled, the deadline has expired, which was granted to the spiritual, which was supposed to perfect itself in this redemption period, and a new one will start, how and when it is intended in my rescue plan from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7929.


So we, who live now, have a past behind us, which is marked by the following: our resistance against God was strong and did not allow an earlier embodiment as man.

That therefore was our past.

But there also exist another part of our past, which we also should consider when we are already once busy with our past, and that is that part of our past which lies before our fencing in into matter, which existed before the fall.

And before the fall we had divine qualities and we had divine abilities. That already is quite interesting. And still more important is, that these qualities and that these abilities still slumber in us. And when we again awaken them, then we can make use of these powers now and here, and use them. It is something what we can do ourselves; the awakening of these powers we can arrange ourselves; it is up to us to again reach our original state.

Our original state was such, that nothing was impossible for us. We could create and form as God could because his power permanently flew through us

Let us be informed from a reliable source:


Awakening of Divine Abilities is Possible.

29. November 1960. B.D. NR. 7759.

In all of you powers slumber which you only need to awaken. Because you have to know that all divine qualities are hidden in you and all divine abilities lie in you, that they are well in you, but are to - through your former falling away from me buried - only again come out, but what you have to achieve by yourselves. You were standing in such power and strength that certainly nothing was impossible to you because my power permanently flew through you and that also meant that you could create and form like me. But you gave away all these abilities - you closed yourselves to my love radiation and so became powerless and without strength; you also lost the light, so that you no longer knew about your former state of perfection. But you can now any time bring to an awakening the powers, which slumber in you; you can open yourselves any time to my love radiation and can therefore through this also change your wrong nature to your original character. You can again acquire all divine qualities and abilities to a high degree when you only strive for this with a firm will and create the conditions for this: when you change your character again to love and become perfect as you were from the very start. Then you are indeed my images; you have changed yourselves to gods through love. And there is nothing, which you cannot achieve, because love is a power to which nothing is impossible. As men you are still imperfect, and therefore you also do not know about the abilities, which are hidden in you. All imperfection is also restricted in its work; there are limits to it. Man is - because still imperfect - therefore weak and unable; he is poorly formed; he lacks divine gifts; he is insufficient in his knowledge, in his skills and also inadequate in his love. Because imperfection is lack of love. But as soon as man has love, his state changes; he becomes knowing; he wins power, and he recognizes himself and everything what is connected to his existence. And now again the powers begin to unfold, which the imperfect man - the man without love - does not recognize and therefore also does not strive for by himself. Through love he has come into association with me as the eternal love and can now also again get radiated with my love in all its fullness so that his whole nature becomes divine, so that it adapts to my original nature and then also everything is possible for him, whatever it may be. When the being already achieves this state as man on earth, then he indeed can work as a blessing for his fellow men; every element will obey him; he will work miracles and be able to heal the sick; he will see through everything and uncover the most secret thoughts of fellow men. But he will only work as a blessing for his fellow men; he will never misuse the powers which are awakened in him because he then works with me and in my will because it is my power which works through him, and because he then has placed his will completely under mine. But all this only love brings about, which makes man again to the divine being which he was from the very start - which all of you are to let flare up to the highest fervour in you so that you become perfect as your father in heaven is perfect. Amen. B.D. NR. 7759.


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