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The Maya Calendar - Comment on 2009 December 17

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2009 December 17
The end of the world was postponed to the winter solstice 2012, which allegedly according to an old calendar of the Maya marks the end of a cycle at the same time with a rare planet constellation. Read more:

Today, on the 17th of December 2009, I read a couple of articles about scientific things, which are connected to the subjects we are dealing here with and so I want to quote some passages:

Conspiracy Theories. Nasa pulls scenarios of the end of the world to pieces. Nasa is fed up with the end of the world theories, which see the end in the year 2012. The space agency does not find the apocalypse scenarios amusing at all, which are more and more widespread in the internet. Occasion for the latest denials is the movie "2012,"... The forthcoming start of the end of the world movie "2012" by Roland Emmerich has caused the US space authority Nasa to take an unusual step: In an statement on its website Nasa denies wide spread conspiracy theories, according to which the earth will collide with a planet by the name of Nibiru on 21st December 2012 and end. "These claims are justified by no facts at all," declares Nasa. If really a planet would be on collision course to earth, "astronomers would have followed it since at least ten years, and in the meantime it would be visible with the naked eye". Reliable scientists around the world would however have no knowledge at all about a threat of this nature in connection with the year 2012. "Our planet fared very well in the last four billions of years", and there are no signs for this to change in the near future. It is true a dwarf planet named Eris drifts through space, but it will approach the earth not less than 6.4 billions of kilometres. Numerous internet pages and books deal with end of the world scenarios in connection with the year 2012. Originally theorists had predicted the end of the world already for may 2003 - when nothing happened the date was postponed to the winter solstice 2012, which allegedly according to an old calendar of the Maya marks the end of a cycle at the same time with a rare planet constellation. NASA stressed, the Maya calendar certainly would not end with the 21.12.2012, but directly afterwards a new period of time would begin. Also unusual planet constellations would not be foreseen in the next years - and even if they exist, its effect on earth would be "negligible".

Geology. Researchers reveal the secret of the interior of the earth: Apart from small pricks earth scientist do not so far manage to reach the interior of the earth: Hellish temperatures prevail in the depths of our planet - already at the first of the 6371 kilometres it gets hot. But better and better indirectly it can be inferred how our planet is built up.
... earth scientist have a hard time with looking into the depths of the planet. They are hellish hot with up to 6000 degrees, so one therefore cannot descend. Already at the first of 6371 kilometres (the mean earth radius) miners sweat at 37 degrees. Also with sent down measuring instruments earth scientists at most achieve a prick. Only good twelve kilometre of earth's crust the record drilling on the Russian Kola Peninsula pierced from 1970 to 1994. Not even 0.2 percent to the middle of the earth. The continental deep drilling project (KTB) near Weiden in Upper Palatinate bored Germany's deepest hole 1994 to 9.1 kilometre. It is and remains a scratching at the crust; the earth's mantle and the earth's core elude the direct look.
The drilling projects meet limits early, because the drilling heads wear out faster and faster with increased heat and have to be replaced. More important still: The measuring instruments fail at 300 degrees, as for example at KTB. Even when therefore the aimed for depth of 14 kilometre was not reached, ...

WISE is to newly map the universe: Nasa sonde seeks dangerous asteroids. With the start of the telescope sonde WISE into the universe the US space agency Nasa has started its project of mapping the new registration of the universe. To its assignments also belong the tracking down of asteroids, which could become dangerous to earth.

So far the quotations.

I found it interesting that Nasa confirms the 21.12.2012, and also that there is a connection with the Maya calendar and that the Maja calendar does not end with the 21.12.2012 at all, but directly afterwards a new time period is supposed to begin. That therefore a new time period begins tallies well with the prophecies. So there is already an agreement. The prophecies describe the end of the world as a kind of refurbishment of the surface ot the earth, which does not end the existence of the earth itself, but starts a new redemption period - or as Nasa calls it, marks the end of a cycle.

That the boring of the earth up to now not even succeeded to 0.2 percent to the centre of the earth I found also quite informative.

When now all asteroids are getting tracked down, there should be no problems, to discover an approaching sun, as it is announced in the prophecies and which is a danger to the earth.

The statement "at the same time with a rare planet constellation" lets me wonder, if this "rare planet constellation" might be this "rare" appearance of an approaching sun.

May be the Maya people actually forecast this appearing of a sun, but as our scientist cannot imagine something like this, they call it a rare planet constellation.


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