Disbelief in the End.

The Belief that the Announced End Lies in the Far Future - Comment on 2009 December 14

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2009 December 14
But everyhting will always happen within the framework of the natural, and that lets you also always hope that the end will still be a long time in coming. Read more:

Today, on the 14th of December 2009, I read the following from Bertha Dudde:

Disbelief in the End.

15. March 1960. B.D. NR. 7549.

There is no long period of time any more until the end - and even if you believe that the announced end lies in the far future - you will be surprised how the signs increase and it will become far too apparent in which hour you live. But everything will always happen within the framework of the natural, and that lets you also always hope that the end will still be a long time in coming. However your will is to remain free until the last day because under compulsion you cannot reach your goal, which exists in establishing the union with me, to lift the hands to me in free will and to acknowledge through this me, whom you did not want to acknowledge up to now. That is why the earthly life will make high demands on you; earthly you will have to bear many troubles und always have the opportunity to turn to me. But everything will happen completely naturally, which however the awakened will recognize as last signs before the end. And when I again and again announce to you that you are standing just before the end - that only still little time is granted to you on this earth, then you are to take this announcement very seriously and do not always put it off to the future, as it is men's opinion. You are to understand the words so, as they are given to you; you are to take them literally, and it will be a good idea. Because the time is approaching soon where the earth will be purified and a new earth will again arise. But no matter how urgently I also speak to you, you do not want to believe it, and I can give you no other proofs for the truth of my word than that you will very soon be caught out by the natural event and can then also reckon with the end just as certainly. But do you know if you will survive the former or fall a victim to the natural event yourselves? That is why this likewise counts as end because many men will find their end with it, and their life will no longer last long. And so do not be careless and prepare yourselves, also when the earthly life around you is shaped so as if there is only a building up and blossoming. One day only, and everything is gone and fallen prey to the destruction through the elements, and the survivors will be met with a scene of horror because this is my will that they come to their senses and still make use of the last time of favour, which remains for them until the end. Because everything comes true implicitly, what I let announce to you men through seers and prophets, and you will soon experience the truth of my word, and blessed, who accepted my word and then finds the way to me, because in great trouble he will always find a way out; he will visibly experience my help, which I have promised all of you, who call for me. Because that is why I speak with you so that you already ask for power before and then in greatest trouble when you will only be dependent on my help. You will get it, because I do not forget the ones who are mine. Therefore take care of that you count to the ones who are mine. Call on me in trouble, and I want to hear you. Amen. B.D. NR. 7549.


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