"I thank you for it, Lord Jesus Christ!"

A Prayer in Cases of Extreme Trouble - Comment on 2009 December 7

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2009 December 7
The advice is given, to get help in cases of extreme trouble, for example with burns, through a short prayer spoken in full trust. This prayer says: "I thank you for it, Lord Jesus Christ!" Read more:

Today, on the 7th of December 2009, I read a short story, which I want to quote here. The author is Dr. med. dent. Ernst Busse and his story has the title: "Self Experienced Prayer Help:"

>>About 40 ago, when I had happily freed myself from the way of thinking of the be-all and end-all materialistic medical school science, which takes care of everything else but of questions of eternity, of praying or of help from Jesus, I could buy from an antiquarian bookseller four bound volumes of the magazine "Sphinx." There I read a story in which a granny gave the advice to its grandchild, to get help in cases of extreme trouble, for example with burns, through a short prayer spoken in full trust. This prayer says: "I thank you for it, Lord Jesus Christ!"

How much everything in our life is based on the rule of divine providence I experienced shortly afterwards and realized why exactly this prayer had come before my eyes.

Then I still smoked like a chimney as I had not learned to appreciate the blessing of free breathing. At that time one day I wanted to light up my little pipe while walking into my study. On this occasion suddenly the flame of the match burst into the full box. A jet of flame of all phosphor heads was the result. They brought the thumb of my left hand into a terrible state. It swelled to its threefold size and looked like being boiled.

As a physician I immediately realized the life-threatening state of such a phosphor burn. Then it suddenly remembered the advice the granny had given her grandchild. I stopped, turned inward to pray and spoke the words: "I thank you for it, Lord Jesus Christ!"

At the same moment the roasted and phosphor poisoned part of the thumb was cut off from the healthy tissue. At the demarcation line beads of perspiration appeared one next to the other. I felt no pain, and to the astonishment of my family I also did not get the slightest pain during the healing process. It took place in few days!

A surgeon who once did a cellular tissue inflammation operation on me - also then it was a matter of life and death - did not believe me when I told him: "A doctor, who has not learned to pray, does not work with heavenly support. He at most can be a skilful helper of the chemical therapeutic industry." He said, that would be pipe dreams.

But I think: We want to be thankful towards our heavenly father when he still in time admonishes us that he is Lord of life and death and we can find help from him in every predicament.

All that might perhaps sound effusive for some. But it is born out of own experience. And, what we personally have experienced, no everyday science can talk us out of it again.>>

So that was the short story I read.

I think this advice could be very useful in the time of tribulation. And to practise it already now should prepare us nicely for the times of the end. It is a special way of practising the presence of the Lord. I think we could also apply this advice in all situations in life - not just in situations of trouble. When we do this then it will become a habit. And then also the thinking of our creator and father will become a thing that we do all the time.

"I thank you for it, Lord Jesus Christ!"

Why should we also thank God for something bad? Because God can also change every bad thing into something good.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28.

It is not a matter of bad or good, but what we make out of it. We are here for a short trial period and our reaction counts.


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