Short or Long Lifespan.

You Do Not Know the Day and the Hour - Comment on 2009 December 6

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2009 December 6
But even if you reach a high age, earth life is only to be called short, compared with the time of your preparatory development. Read more:

What are we to think of when someone dies unexpectedly or when an accident happens or a natural disaster claims human lives or when there is war or when a great part of the surface of the earth gets destroyed and an enormous number of men lose their life or when the end of the world is approaching? Today, on the 6th of December 2009, I read a message of Bertha Dudde which deals with this question.

So now follows the message:

Short or Long Lifespan.

4. March 1960. B.D. NR. 7538.

It is not a long time which is allotted to you for life on earth compared with the endless long time of your preparatory development, which you are not able to estimate yourselves timewise. And your earth life can also still be shortened that you are already called away prematurely into eternity. And that is why you are to think of your soul with all eagerness; you are to see to it that it gets whatever is possible; you are to give it food so that it does not need to suffer privations when its being on this earth is only short. You are always to provide it amply with food and drink and never reckon with a very long earth life because you do not know the day and the hour of your bodily end. But your soul can also mature in a very short time when your will is good and helps it to get maturity. No man can determine his lifespan or know about it, and exactly this ignorance should spur him to eager soul activity; he should lead a life that he can calmly consider each day to be the last without having to fear for his soul's salvation. And very many men will end their life in the times of the end because a great screening will still take place, and many men will be called away prematurely for their own salvation because they neglect on earth to work on their soul, and they are still not to fall victim to the merciless raging of the adversary of God, who draws them deeper and deeper into the abyss, when these souls are not first snatched from him. Exactly those men who are not striving spiritually do not think of early death, and they live their life irresponsibly, but without being able to be called bad. God has mercy upon them, and he wants to help them to get further development in the hereafter, which may well be far more difficult to happen, but is still not impossible, while on earth a complete sinking into the deep can easily be the fate of the souls, which go through life without a sense of responsibility. Enough opportunities are offered to you where you can mature in earth life, but when you do not make use of them, then you also do not utilize life as man, which has been given to you only for the purpose of maturation of your soul. And then it is also unimportant whether you stay on earth for a long time or only a short time when you make no use of the favour of the embodiment as man and help your soul to get the last maturtiy. But even if you reach a high age, earth life is only to be called short, compared with the time of your preparatory development. But also a very short earth duration it is still enough that you fulfil your purpose on the earth. And therefore your maturity is not depending on the duration of the existence on earth but alone on your will to make appropriate use of this existence. And again and again the right way is shown to you through the word of God to reach the perfection of your soul. Again and again the divine love commandments are made clear to you, of which the fulfilment is alone purpose and aim of the existence as man. And you always can practise love, and no matter how short your life is, your soul will profit from it when you lead the life in love. But when you do not keep these two commandments so your life is idling and your responsibility all the greater the longer your earth life is, and you then can only be grateful when your life will be shortened and the possibility of a further development in the kingdom on the other side is still left to you, so that you do not completely get lost in the end of days, where everyone will be getting judged according to his works. Amen. B.D. NR. 7538.


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