The idea for time and space belongs to the state of imperfection, as every restriction is always a sign of faultiness.

Time and Space Concept - Comment on 2009 December 1

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2009 December 1
Once however this state comes to an end; once also for you the idea of time and space changes - as soon as you have entered the state of perfection, which no longer knows limitations. Then everything is the same for you - past, present and future - and you experience everything where and when you want it, as present, a state, which you likewise are not able to imagine. Read more:

Today, on the 1st of December 2009, I thought about something I had read, and I consider to be quite important when we want to understand, why we are to have contact with our creator all the time and how it is that he has the ability to be in contact with all his creatures simultaneously and while doing so also takes care of the smallest matters of these his creatures, knows them and does something about them. I mean, we could for example be of the opinion not to bother God with our little matters because he really has enough to do to take care of the great things, and to rule the universe. But such an attitude is based on God being very much a being which is like us and thinks and acts more or less like we do; or to be more precise can be compared with us in his ability to manage. Such an attitude is also not too wrong, but our own abilities - at least our potential ones - are then not really recognized and we lack the vision to recognize from where we actually come - and are also supposed to go again - and what potential is in reality actually at our disposal, when we only know to tap and use it. The essential aspect to reach this knowledge is to clearly realize what kind of beings we actually were originally when we were created. And that means to deal with our state that existed before the fall when God created us and we were so that we are described in the Bible as God's image. "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness," it says in the Bible. We were free, and not prisoners as we are now. We had the ability to know the past and even to experience it, and that simultaneously with the life in the presence. We therefore were not imprisoned in matter and in our body, but were spirits who were free of these restrictions and we will also again reach that situation, and that already in our present life in matter when we only know how to get to the uniting of our body with the soul and with the spirit, and we can do this when we completely spiritualize our body, so that body, soul and spirit become completely one. Then we can completely join divine love, which we hold inside of us, which has chosen our body as place of residence. God's spirit in us is God's share, and he knows about everything and therefore we have direct access to this knowledge, which comprises everything. Everything we want to know we also can know. We are talking here about a state of consciousness which is far more comprehensive than the one we use all the time. We are talking about a state which we reach then when our thoughts more and more often unite us with our God because we then come closer to the oneness and then become more and more like God. God is spirit and out of spirit everything came into being and that is why God can rule unrestrictedly and have everything under control, know everything and intervene any time unrestrictedly. There is no such thing as chance and when we know this then we can have peace und rely on God. God knows everything and can everything and with this certainty in the heart we can live as overcomers and very calmly look forward to the end of times. The best we can now do before the beginning of the end-times, is to strengthen ourselves in this certainty and to use all circumstances as an opportunity to recall our oneness with God and to again and again direct our thoughts up. It is the best way to come out of our state of imperfection and to again reach our original ideal state of affairs. Our aim in life is just to again reach the union with God, and this union again establishes the circumstances which existed from the very start - that true images of God surround God and create and work according to God's will, which now is also their will. We should especially pay attention to situations where we get into dangerous circumstances, and from which we then get rescued, because such situations are created - or are allowed to happen - by the light beings surrounding us to make us conscious of the power of God. The again and again thinking back of such situations helps us to strengthen our faith in God's will to help us. It is an excellent method to properly prepare ourselves for the times of the end.

So when ever we face dangerous situations, but also in every other form of trouble and need, we should recognize such situations as an opportunity to turn to God. Such situations should always have a faith strengthening effect.

"But that is also the purpose in every trouble that you approach me for help, that you seek the union with me and that now in this union my power can spread to you so that you will always feel stengthened when only you open yourselves to me in close thoughts that I can give you what you want: power and favour and an enlightened spirit, which recognizes me everywhere and in all events so that you then also learn to love me and love always unites us stronger and then also every weakness falls off you because you then walk with me and are fed by me with light and power." (from B.D. NR. 7523).

My thoughts of these matters came from the message of Bertha Dudde which I now will state here:

Time and Space Concept.

9. December 1959. B.D. NR. 7474.

They are eternity ideas would you imagine the times where your soul is on its way back to me, and you are lacking every estimation ability, which is why there is talk of eternities. Once however this state comes to an end; once also for you the idea of time and space changes - as soon as you have entered the state of perfection, which no longer knows limitations. Then everything is the same for you - past, present and future - and you experience everything where and when you want it, as present, a state, which you likewise are not able to imagine. But the being only knows restrictions in the state of imperfection, however all restrictions are invalid when the being has become perfect, thus again has returned to its original state in which it was at the very start. That is why the soul will again be able to experience all past things as present and recognize my great love because only now it also grasps the wonder of its course of development from the deepest fall to the highest hight, and it is exceedingly happy being aware of now being and remaining eternally my child. Because then there are no longer restrictions, then it can stay where it wants, and also put itself into that state, which it wants, even if it already was down in the past because this one now has become for it a present state. The idea for time and space belongs to the state of imperfection, as every restriction is always a sign of faultiness, what you men also will only understand when once every restriction falls off you. But the prerequisite for it is that you enter the kingdom of light. Also this is a degree of happiness in which scale all restrictions fall off you - because the kingdom of light means lifting of all restrictions, it means looking through time and space, the soul will be able to stay where it wants, where it transports itself to in thought and when it wants it, and therefore also events of the past will become alive in it, because it can experience everything as present. And then it will praise and extol and eternally sing thanks to me that I have led it back to its father's house, where happiness finds no end for it, which it now can enjoy near to me and is always conscious of my love and favour, which cause these wonderful things forever for it. And then the soul will experience my work of redemption and only then realize what this work of redemption has meant for itself. Because only now it recognizes the great love, which has expiated its great sin to be able to disclose to it all the wonderful things of the heavenly kingdom. It recognizes the unfathomable distance in which it once was from me; it recognizes the great favour and mercy which followed it into the depth and lifted it again out of it; it recognizes the never tiring patience and love on the way of return because it also sees its former resistance and warding off of my great love and favour towards all of the once fallen. It cannot help it than to praise and extol him who has created it and who has rescued it through his work of redemption from eternal agony. And again and again it experiences this work of mercy anew because it gains through it always deeper knowledge, what has been done to it to so make it exceedingly happy. And the soul full of thanks will do everything to also help other souls to the same happiness because it sees the great misery of them, which still stay in darkness, and to help them is now its constant will, because love to all the unredeemed is aroused in it in view of the wonderful things, which my love has prepared for my child and will prepare for it until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7474.


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