What happens when we do not get this world out of us?

State After Death - Comment on 2009 October 1

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2009 October 1
After our death we enter a kingdom which is like the one we have left, i.e., our surroundings are now also corresponding to the state of our soul. If only matter filled our thinking then also the world, which we now enter, appears material; it will put all things before our eyes at which our senses are still aimed, only that it is a world of appearance, which passes as soon as we want to take possession of it. Read more:

Today, on the 1st of October 2009, I read a message from Bertha Dudde which quite impressively presents the two alternatives which wait for us when we move to the kingdom on the other side, and how we point the way for it through our present life and activity.

So here comes the message from Bertha Dudde:

State After Death.

24. May 1957. B.D. NR. 6838.

After your death you enter a kingdom which is like the one you have left, i.e., your surroundings are now also corresponding to the state of your soul. If only matter filled your thinking then also the world, which you now enter, appears material; it will put all things before your eyes at which your senses are still aimed, only that it is a world of appearance, which passes as soon as you want to take possession of it. But it lasts long for a dark soul before it understands that it no longer inhabits the material world, which is why also such souls often do not know that they have died according to the body. However the things of appearance of their new surroundings become more and more unclear, hazier, so that they then feel a dreadful emptiness because their spiritual eyes are still closed and their power of imagination for earthly things becomes less and less. And so they then move in deserted, endless wide areas - if they do not completely sink into the deep and wage fights with beings of their equals in most bitter hostility. A walk through expanses completely bar of objects can bring the souls to self-contemplation and let them recognize the worthlessness of earthly material goods, and then they also can become conscious of their dead state, and as soon as that is just achieved, that the souls start to think about their hopeless situation, also the time has come where these souls will be helped by them suddenly meeting beings and they now seek a way out together. Those beings come from the kingdom of light, but cover themselves and come in the same shaping to leave full freedom of will to the souls. And with good will their surroundings can brighten noticeably, and now an activity can be assigned to them in accordance with their own will to help. The nature of their activity cannot be described to you men because the different areas of spiritual work also require completely different conditions and often spheres unknown to men also demand unknown work. Because God has let undreamed-of creations arise for the maturation of the still immature souls - but the state of the souls also determines the creation, to which they are now brought for further development. But had man already been able to free himself on earth of matter, had his thinking and striving been turned towards the spiritual kingdom, then the soul can, when leaving the earthly cover, find itself in spheres of light, i.e., it is able to recognize its surroundings, it sees wonderful creations but which have nothing in common with earthly things, which also cannot be described, but can immediately be grasped by that soul due to its state of maturity - thus the soul gets so to speak understanding as quickly as lightning and it possesses a knowledge, which never before has been brought to it. Light emerges in it and around it, and this light makes it tremendously happy and awakens the desire in it to commune, to help and to also make happy. It also will feel transported into areas, which are indescribably beautiful to look at, and it will not be alone, but meet with alike mature beings and wants to be effective together with them. And it will also grasp its new activity as quick as lightning; it will not have the feeling that it comes into a foreign area, but feels being transported home, which it only left in free will. It will also know that this earned it unhappiness and still many beings are in a state of unhappiness, whom it now wants to help to return to the house of the father. An indescribable beautiful fate awaits such souls, which have passed their test of will on earth and consciously turned to God in free will. And indescribable beautiful creations such souls will get to see, they also will be able to be creatively active in light and fullness of power, according to the degree of maturity which the soul has reached. But its care will especially be aimed at the unfortunate souls which were close to it in earthly life and have gone a completely different way than those souls - but whom they do not forget and so have an effect on them in the spiritual kingdom, although unrecognized, to snatch them from the deep for the time being and to also make the ascent possible for them. Because every work in the spiritual kingdom is aimed at the redemption of the fallen. And every being which can go into the light, offers to cooperate voluntarily because it is filled with love and wants to now also carry the light of love, which radiates through it, into the darkness, to thank God through it and to serve him forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 6838.

This is a subject to which I have gathered material for a long time, but in this message 6838 the actual background is especially well and intelligibly described, and many of the details I had found out so far, now make much more sense what happens there on the other side.

What obviously stands out first is the necessity to free oneself as far as possible already here on earth from the fetters of matter.

A second thing is, that the lower one enters there on the other side, the surroundings where one finds oneself, the more reality decreases. It is a world of appearance which is the more apparent the lower it is.

Between the lower area of that world and the upper area a kind of neutral area seems to be located. What lies below this neutral area is a world of appearance, and what lies above it, is reality. With other words, what is below is passing, and only what is above is genuine and lasting.

The lower area is means to cure beings of matter.

So when we know these two alternatives of future life then we will very much more become conscious of how this concatenation with matter makes us to slaves and how important it is for a being to get out of it - and on the other side this seems to be even more difficult than here. And that is why it is so important, here, in this short time of being in an embodied state, to reach this liberation.

Here we have a body and a soul, on the other side we no longer have the body and merely the soul. When now the soul arrives on the other side and is completely without spiritual goods, then it has nothing and cannot act there. Here it still can make use of the body to liberate itself; on the other side this help is no longer available. And this lack makes liberation there to be a much more difficult thing.


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