The greatest gain of our life on earth is the union with God.

Change of Character: Fight Against Wrong Love - Comment on 2009 September 19

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2009 September 19
Yesterday we saw how dangerous it is to love the world, and today we want to see what we actually should love, what the object of our love should be. As soon as we are intellectually busy with God, we unite ourselves consciously with him. The most important and also most difficult fight on earth is the fight with oneself, the fight against the wrong directed love. Read more:

Today, on the 19th of September 2009, I read the following message from Bertha Dudde:

Change of Character. Fight Against Wrong Love.

29. May 1956. B.D. NR. 6557.

The greatest gain of your life on earth is the union with me. In it you have to see your aim, and you are not to rest before the union with me has taken place. Consciously and unconsciously you can bring about this union; but you always have to first believe in me. You have to acknowledge me as a being with whom you now want to have contact. This wish in you already proves that the will, which first still belonged to my opponent, has turned towards me. And as soon as you are now intellectually busy with me, you unite yourselves consciously with me, even when the right relationship now just requires that you first transform yourselves, that you make an effort to adapt your character to mine because I can unite myself only with what is perfect; but this perfection can also be reached by you. Thus you first have to shape yourselves to love because my primeval character is love. But as soon as you intellectually establish the relationship with me, as soon as you pray to me, power reaches you to enable you to execute your change of character. Your will now belongs to me, and that is why I can give you power, what before was not possible because the affiliation to my opponent at the same time also means resistance, i.e. repulse of my power of love. That is why the change of will is first necessary, only then the change of character can take place, which requires my supply of power. But my power is radiation of love - and it will again have an effect in activity of love. As soon as you now carry out works of love you call on this power and through it draw myself closer to you all the time. I am love myself, and that is why the union with me can only take place when love joins love - but as also no work of love can be accomplished without me. That is why you also can establish union with me unconsciously, when you live in love, even if you do not seek union with me intellectually. But such thoughts will definitely still emerge in you and also no longer leave you because the conscious acknowledgement of myself has to take place to be able to become happy, and it also will take place where I myself can be close to men because he is active in love, thus calling on my love. It is not that difficult to find this union for man, whom love of self does not rule, but difficult where love of self prevents man from unselfish neighbourly love. There therefore my opponent controls the thoughts of man; there no ray of love from me has access; there I am still far off, and neither deliberately, therefore consciously, nor unconsciously will the relationship with me be established. And without love man in his character is still so imperfect that I myself cannot unite with him. Then man does not reach his aim on earth, and it will also be difficult to get him to think differently in the kingdom on the other side, because as long as he is controlled by love of self, also the misery of the other side will not touch him, and he will never be able to receive power because he never lets the will to help arise in himself. That is why the most important and also most difficult fight on earth is the fight with oneself, the fight against the wrong directed love, which has to be changed to complete unselfishness to be able to be considered to be love, which changes the character. Just where only an attempt is made I help out with my power because love has to find to love, only then you can unite with me and remain united for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 6557.


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