"What you aim at with all senses will lead you to ruin."

The World Offers Great Dangers - Comment on 2009 September 18

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2009 September 18
Get the world out of your system. Read more:

Today, on the 18th of September 2009, I read the following message from Bertha Dudde:

The World Offers Great Dangers.

28. May 1956. B.D. NR. 6556.

You will still have to feel the world very bitterly when you do not learn to despise it of your own accord because as long as you love the world it is the greatest danger for you. And when I want to rescue you from this danger then I have to ensure that you lose the love for the world. Through the world itself I have to cause you suffering and pain so that you recognize that it does not serve you but rules you so that you feel its rule unpleasantly and withdraw yourselves of you own accord. Much will still happen what will let these my words become understandable to you because what you now still regard as raised enjoyment of life that will increase so uncontrollably that you would gladly give away the comforts to be relieved that way of great bodily dangers. You will have no longer safety because the lust for life of those who are under the control of my opponent will assume extents that consideration for the fellow human being will no longer be shown, that everyone only thinks of himself at the expense of the neighbour and often endangers him so that he cannot get out of the way. What you aim at with all senses will lead you to ruin. And as long as you make this world and its goods the focal point of your life you also do not want to lose your life on earth and seek to extent it in every way possible. But it is still to burden you to a degree that you long for an end. But only those will feel life to be overwhelming and frightening who not yet completely belong to my opponent. And for the sake of these ones will that happen what I announce so that they lose the desire for the world and do some soul-searching because these last ones need strong measures otherwise also they still become complete slaves to the world, otherwise also they become the hammer who first still were serving as anvil. And those men are to count themselves lucky who suffer through the world because these ones I want to rescue from the world. But who already has become a slave to it will mercilessly and recklessly know how to assert himself. A time dawns as it has not yet been experienced on earth. Human life is no longer worth anything; the laws of mankind are no longer sacred to anybody who has completely devoted himself to the world, thus to my opponent. The property of the fellow human is not respected and hence the unscrupulous experimenting, decreeing and taking, wherever only an advantage can be gotten out of it regardless of whether the fellow human being's body or property is harmed. And I allow it because not the body is at stake but the soul of man - and when it finds salvation as a result then it will thank me for it some day even if it had to suffer excessively on earth. In the latter times men cannot be saved from this suffering because as long as there is a means to free the souls out of the snares of the opponent, I also apply this means or allow it although it is basically the work of my opponent on those men who already belong to him. And when men think to be progressive then the great devastations which are triggered off will prove to them the opposite. But the blind sees nothing and wants to see nothing, but to the one who sees the hour of the world clock becomes obvious. Amen. B.D. NR. 6556.


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