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Power Vacuum in Iraq - Comment on 2009 September 1

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2009 September 1
US starts its big pull-out from Iraq. Read more:

On the 1. September 2009 I read an article with the above headline and I now quote some of the content of that article:

The US military is packing up to leave Iraq in what has been deemed the largest movement of manpower and equipment in modern military history - shipping out more than 1.5 million pieces of equipment from tanks to antennas, along with a force the size of a small town.

The massive operation already under way a year ahead of the August 31, 2010 deadline to remove all US combat troops from Iraq shows the US military has picked up the pace of a planned exit from Iraq that could cost billions.

The goal is to withdraw tens of thousands of troops and about 60 percent of equipment by the end of March, Brigadier-General Heidi Brown, a deputy commander charged with overseeing the withdrawal, said in one of the first detailed accounts of how the US military plans to leave Iraq.

Convoys carrying everything from armoured trucks to radios have been rolling near daily through southern Iraq to Kuwait and the western desert to Jordan since President Barack Obama announced the deadline to remove combat troops, leaving up to 50 000 troops under a US-Iraqi security agreement until the end of 2011.

So far part of that article.

So the withdrawal is going ahead as planned and the result will be a power vacuum and the result of this could be that some force will be tempted to misuse this situation for expansion.

And this force could be the ram of Daniel storming towards the west as described in Daniel 8:4.

"I saw the ram pushing westward."

And this ram is probably Iran.

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