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2009 June 25
Here is an opportunity for you, the reader of this website, to participate in the work of this website and make it possible for others to also get information that is decisive for the future. Read more:

Below is a text that you are requested to copy and send to as many people as possible. This can take place in the form of emails but any other form is also welcome.

Here a tip how to copy from a web browser: Go to “Page” (or View) and there to “View Source” (or Page Source) and there select the desired text and copy it and then paste it into the email you want to send, or, for example, into a letter you are writing. Alternatively you can right click into the webpage and then click on “Select all” and copy this and paste it. Afterwards you then can delete what is unnecessary.

Now the suggested text:


Invitation to visit the website

You are cordially invited to visit the website

For the actual countdown to the new beginning itself there is no invitation required as we all are taking part in it and play our role there. So this invitation is just an appeal to go to the website and read about the circumstances and the background of these events and especially about the things that lie ahead. It is much easier to understand and handle what is coming when one is prepared for it and understands why things are happening and in what direction they are going and who the major players are. Be one of those who are informed.

You are also invited to forward this invitation to others and send it to whoever you feel would enjoy investigating Do something nice and good for the people you know and for all people whose email address is known to you. So please forward this email to as many people as possible. Be a Good Samaritan.

Please let me know about your reaction to your visit at and drop me a note at “counter at countdown4us dot com” and be a bringer of good news that also allows me to respond to it.

So this is a threefold invitation:
1. An invitation to visit
2. An invitation to forward this email to all you know.
3. An invitation to write to me about your reaction to the website.

All the best from

A. B. Counter
Email: counter at countdown4us dot com


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