Convinced that the Obama administration is preparing to retreat from the Middle East, Iran's Khomeinist regime is intensifying its goal of regional domination.

Iran's Campaign for Regional Hegemony - Comment on 2009 May 4

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2009 May 4
As the U.S. Retreats, Iran Fills the Void. Lebanon could be one of the first moderate Mideast states to fall. Read more:

Today I read the above headline, it interested me and so I read the whole article.

Here follow some quotes from it:

"Convinced that the Obama administration is preparing to retreat from the Middle East, Iran's Khomeinist regime is intensifying its goal of regional domination. It has targeted six close allies of the U.S.: Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait and Jordan, all of which are experiencing economic and/or political crises."

"But in its campaign for regional hegemony, Tehran expects Lebanon as its first prize."

"Khomeinist propaganda is trying to portray Iran as a rising "superpower" in the making while the United States is presented as the "sunset" power. The message is simple: The Americans are going, and we are coming."

"Tehran plays a patient game. Wherever possible, it is determined to pursue its goals through open political means, including elections. With pro-American and other democratic groups disheartened by the perceived weakness of the Obama administration, Tehran hopes its allies will win all the elections planned for this year in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories."

""There is this perception that the new U.S. administration is not interested in the democratization strategy," a senior Lebanese political leader told me. That perception only grows as President Obama calls for an "exit strategy" from Afghanistan and Iraq. Power abhors a vacuum, which the Islamic Republic of Iran is only too happy to fill."

So now follow some comments to the above.

This statement, "groups disheartened by the perceived weakness of the Obama administration," is quite interesting because it could be that this "perceived weakness" is exactly what the Obama administration is after. It could be that the Obama administration wants to achieve this wrong perception to take place in order to lure Iran to get aggressive. And when then this policy succeeds and Iran starts to conquer and starts "its campaign for regional hegemony" then the great saviour and world leader can emerge and save the world from this evil.

The current public perception of the presence of the U.S. in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan is not favourable and a policy to withdraw from them will hardly be perceived as cunning.

On 20. February 2009 I wrote about Iran and its relationship with the U.S. under the heading "Is Iran the ram mentioned by the prophet Daniel?" May be you want to go there and read it. An interesting scripture is Daniel 8:4 where the ram, Iran, charged towards the west and the north and the south in the vision of Daniel. The west is mentioned first there and that is where the Lebanon is located looking from Iran.

And the next verse, Daniel 8:5, has this to say: As I was thinking about this, suddenly a goat with a prominent horn between his eyes came from the west, crossing the whole earth without touching the ground.

I think this is a nice description of a country that two and a half millennia ago did not exist as such and of a technology that was also still far away.

On 27. February 2009 I wrote, "Obama wants to withdraw troops from Iraq by 2010. Will this create a power vacuum that could tempt Iran to make use of it and push westward?" I call it a power vacuum and the above mentioned article calls it void.

So may be the Obama administration knows very well what it is doing. It could of course also be that they know very little about all this and the only person who really knows what he is doing is the head of it. And the rest of this administration and the rest of mindkind are and remain ignorant and follow him. They all sell their souls for material goods and worldly influence and their final pay is the abyss.


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