The catcher of men Obama has thrown out his net. And in the end he caught them.

An Important Purpose of the Last Times is the Decision-Making - Comment on 2009 April 6

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2009 April 6
Mr World visits Europe. Read more:

Today I read a headline: "US president Barack Obama - Mr World's Show of the Week." Below I read: "How on earth does he do it? The iron chancellor idolizes him like a teenage girl, in Kehl the prison remains empty due to lack of opponents, and in Prague ten thousands are bewitched into a collective intoxication as if he were the fifth Beatle. But US president Barack Obama is just only a man."

Another article has the headline: "The American Friend." And below it: "With charm, compliance and diplomatic talent US President Barack Obama tries to catch the Europeans. He does not come up with concrete results. Minutes of a five day summit trip to London, Strasbourg and Prague."

A little bit further: "The speech is the highlight of five eventful days in which the catcher of men Obama has thrown out his net over Europe. In which he has proved that he not only has charm and charisma but also cultural instinct, diplomatic talent and the will to face the problems of the world. And in the end he caught them: the British and the French, the Germans as well as the Czechs."

The next sentence is then: "What he will get for his effort is less obvious in the end."

The following expressions give us an impression how the course of the appearance of this man on the world stage has gone so far and what the direction is: "Mr World," "in Prague ten thousands are bewitched into a collective intoxication," "With charm, compliance and diplomatic talent US president Barack Obama tries to catch the Europeans," "...of five eventful days in which the catcher of men Obama has thrown out his net over Europe," "And in the end he caught them."

The articles I read dealt with the current political events; and the way he tackled them gives the impression that they are just means for him to achieve his real goal: to obtain the support of the world leaders and their voters to gain total dominance.

It is worthwhile to keep an eye on the prophecy of Bertha Dudde. I once again repeat it here:

"The antichrist that is to be expected is a personality that steps out of the limits of the natural; he is an extraordinary talented man whose special strength is his worldly confidence, how he comes across men who are responsible for the welfare of the people. And that is why he will be successful and the supremacy that he is striving for will be granted to him, it will be assumed that drastic changes for the best of the general public can be expected to come through him. And they all will acknowledge him, he will make use of this preferential position for measures of all kinds."

This prophecy has the title "Antichrist bringer of salvation? Measures against everything spiritual." It is from the 23. and 24. April 1947 and has the number B.D. NR. 4029. The complete text of this prophecy can be found in "Redemption Period" in chapter "Antichrist" under 4029.

It therefore looks as if this prophecy continues to be relevant for our present worldwide political situation.

We should therefore continue to pursue one aim only: prepare ourselves spiritually for the future.

The study of the material contained in this website is an excellent means for this.

And always keep in mind an important principle when you deal with antichrist: God wants to be recognized, but not he.

God wants that we recognize him; he is spirit and wants that we, who are also spiritual beings, recognize him. Antichrist is also a spiritual being, but he does not want to be recognized, and he also does not want that we recognize ourselves as spiritual beings. If he is successful then he has won und men have lost. God is truth; he is the opposite.

An important purpose of the last times is the decision-making - the decision for God and against Antichrist or against God and for Antichrist. And for this purpose we need information about both of them - about God and also about his opponent. This website has a webpage that especially brings information about his opponent. Go to "Redemption Period" and there to "Antichrist."

Do not remain ignorant about this opponent. Acquire knowledge about God and his opponent. To have knowledge about both is necessary to make a decision.


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