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Natural Disaster and its Effects - Comment on 2009 March 16

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2009 March 16
The earth upheaval wreaks havoc and many men are cut off from the world and the connection cannot be restored again that fast. The supply of electricity and the internet will partially be out of order and with it the access to information like it is contained on this website. It is advisable to download this information as long as everything still works. Read more:

On 16. March 2009 I read a prophecy that contained the following passages:

"the whole of nature is in a conspiracy against them, all elements are in extreme activity, water, fire, storm and light step out of their order and wreak havoc that cost countless fatalities and is unimaginable it its extent. It will only be a short action but exceedingly momentous for all men that will survive it,"

"Men have to completely change over to a different life style, they have to make use of everything that is still left to them, they have to fend for themselves and cannot expect earthly help for a long time because they are cut off from the world and the connection cannot be restored again that fast."

These two excerpts are contained in the prophecy B.D. NR. 4633 that Bertha Dudde received and wrote down on 10. May 1949 and that has the title "Men's Fear. Natural Disaster and its Effects." The whole content of this prophecy can be read in chapter "2. Earth Upheaval" in "Redemption Period." Search there for 4633.

Some comments follow now.

Some practical effects will probably be that things like electricity and internet will break down, at least for some time and for some areas. And this again means that information like the one put together here on this website will be available only partly - because devices like computers are not usable and batteries cannot be charged. One could print out the texts but if these are then available is also a question. But what one should do is to download such websites as this one and the one of Bertha Dudde as long as everything is still functioning. Later many things might again be in order but then censorship will start to filter out things and it will become difficult to obtain such texts. This information might then prove to be quite valuable. The best thing to do is probably to take the information to heart and to put aside all worldly things as far as possible and to prepare oneself by concentrating on the development of one's soul. To prepare oneself worldly wise is probably a waste of energy.

It is highly advisable to study the prophecies of Bertha Dudde oneself. I am bringing here just extracts, first not to let this website become too big but also because time seems to become quite short and an urgency is felt. Life on earth is a very short affair.

Now follows an extract from the next but one prophecy, 4635:

You will still have to get through a hard fight when you are to confess me before the world. And complete abandonment of the supply of earthly goods will be demanded of you, you will be dispossessed and will have to supply services that seem to exceed your powers, you will be hindered to do the things that appear to be important to you, and without reason you will be persecuted and harassed and find no rest from the persecution of your enemies that are also at the same time my enemies and therefore do not fear an avenging hand above them.

When you do not read Bertha Dudde yourself then you will miss such interesting passages and there are quite a lot of them.

When you do not find Bertha Dudde in your language or you do not find all of her prophecies in your language, then it would be advisable to translate them and put them in the net.

You can also create your own website and make the information of this website, and of others like the ones that contain Bertha Dudde's work, part of your website, and when then certain servers and websites get knocked out or censured then your website might remain alive and accessible.

What better way to prepare yourself spiritually for the end could there be?

But the distribution of this material would also be very much increased now already when many websites would make it available and surfers would then have a greater chance to find it.


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