How will the actual beginning of the end time be recognizable?

The Passing Away of an Earthly Ruler - Comment on 2009 March 5

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2009 March 5
The passing away of an earthly ruler will be the event that indicates the arrival of that point in time that is the beginning of the end. Read more:

This event will be the beginning of much trouble, the world will be set on fire and unrestrained hate will rage and mankind will be seized by horror because it sees no way out of the danger that is unavoidable.

This above mentioned information is contained in a prophecy that I read on the fifth of March 2009 and that gave me the answer to my question how the actual beginning of the end time would be recognizable.

It is a prophecy of Bertha Dudde and was given to her on 23rd of November 1948 and she numbered it B.D. NR. 4493.

The content of this prophecy can be found in chapter "1. Struggle Between Nations" of "Redemption Period." Just go there an search for 4493.

So we now have five major events that mark the end-times:

The re-establishment of Israel, that took place on the 14th May 1948.

The passing away of an earthly ruler that marks the beginning of the end and that is followed by much trouble.

The earth upheaval that ends this fighting.

The time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate is set up.

And finally the end in the form of the rapture and the last judgement that is the end of the old earth and the beginning of the new one.

Now this expression "the passing of an earthly ruler" caused me to think which one this could be and none of the present ones gave me the impression that his passing would cause much trouble.

But then it occurred to me that all the religious leaders are also really earthly rulers. Some of them even have established worldly dominions and areas they rule and even have diplomatic representations in other countries.


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