"Light from above is brought to men and this happens not just only mere spiritually but it will be given so that it is recognizable as work of light, that a visible sign of the love of God reaches men."

The Fight Between Light and Darkness - Comment on 2009 January 19

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2009 January 19
Mysterious Fire in the Sky lets North Europeans speculate. Saturday, 17. January 2009. Read more:

When I read this headline I had to think of prophecies of Bertha Dudde that I read not long ago. There was for example this excerpt from her prophecy number 3210 dated 3. August 1944:

"Continuously the light fights against darkness. This spiritual fight is so significant but men don't know it and they rather support the powers of darkness than to resist by striving for light. And this spiritual fight culminates shortly before the end of this earth because then the spiritual fight is not just fought spiritually but openly in public so that also ignorant men will follow it and support or check it according to their outlook. The spiritual fight - the fight between light and darkness - will take on a form in the struggle about faith that is ruthless - a fight of man against man. This is a time epoch that forms the conclusion for present mankind. This fight about faith is unavoidable as it is to lead to the last decision, the decision of individual man for God or against him. The spiritual fight of light and darkness exists since eternities in the powers of the spiritual domain, good ones and bad ones, trying to influence the soul of man by trying to transfer to it the thoughts that they themselves have. And so the beings of light try to lift men up, to ennoble their thinking and to cause them to strive for perfection, while the beings of darkness try to pull men down, plant earthly desires into their hearts and want to force aside their spiritual aspirations. And the decision maker in this fight is the will of man. The spiritual powers to which he leaves himself are victors over the soul. The will of men is weak and therefore the enemy of God is strengthened in his power and he now tries to completely win mankind for himself by undermining the knowledge about God and his power, wisdom and love and by putting a stop to all spiritual striving. And all the more eager the beings of light work; to the same extent light from above is brought to men and this happens not just only mere spiritually but it will be given so that it is recognizable as work of light, that a visible sign of the love of God reaches men."

So God will not work mere spiritually but he will also reach us with visible signs.

The whole prophecy 3210 I intend to incorporate in chapter "5. Last Days" of "Redemption Period." Maybe you like to go to this chapter and see if this is already done.

After I read the heading of this article I wanted to read the article as well to see if perhaps this mysterious fire in heaven might be the first sign I hear about.

The article then talks about a mysterious light flash and that according to eye-witnesses shortly after 8 pm on Saturday a bluish-greenish shine flickered in the evening sky above the Baltic coast of Mecklenburg and was followed by a grumbling reminding one of thunder of a storm. Sheet lightning or northern lights look differently.

The cosmic visitor had come without any announcement and caused a sensation in the whole of North Europe when it arrived.

The very bright light flash had put into sheer excitement the perplexed stargazers shortly after 8 pm in Germany and Scandinavia.

After that there was a dull rumble and men felt a pressure on the chest.

Immediately after the strange celestial phenomenon a female observer phoned acquaintances in Lübeck and in Denmark who had made similar observations. "I immediately knew: There must have happened quite a curious thing."

I read further in the article:

Not only directly offshore numerous people reported to authorities. Also police departments and radio stations in South Mecklemburg, Vorpommern, Schleswig-Holstein und Sachsen-Anhalt received many phone calls. At the "Ostseewelle" in Rostock and the "Norddeutscher Rundfunk" listeners reported a glaring light that had filled the atmosphere for a few seconds and made it as light as day. "It was as if one suddenly switched on the light," described a woman to the radio station NDR 1 Radio MV.

Explanations like sheet lightning or northern lights are to be rather ruled out.

There exists another prophecy by Bertha Dudde that comes to mind, it is prophecy number 4073 dated 30. June 1947. I intend to include it in "5.3 Second Coming" in "Redemption Period." May be you have a look there if that has already happened. There a light phenomenon that will be visible during the day, is described that will be seen by all men. I am looking forward to see it. Its interpretation is to be obvious.


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