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Spirit work is therefore precondition to stand in truth.

I will send the comforter to you - Explanation of apparent contradictions - Comment on 2017 April 14 (2)

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But where powers make use of a form in the unconscious state, there caution is necessary, because a form without will can also be used by a dark power, even so for a short time only, but fellowmen often determine the expressions themselves, which are made through such a form, through their own thoughts and wishes, which are immediately seized by those powers, which now express themselves audibly through a form. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


"I will send the comforter to you." (Explanation of apparent contradictions)

5. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4580.

My spirit introduces you to truth, as I have promised you: I will send the comforter to you, the spirit of truth, which will lead you into all truth and remind you of all that, what I have told you. Who therefore lets this my spirit have an effect in him, he will also stand in truth and can without thinking accept everything, what the spirit out of me imparts to him. Spirit work is therefore precondition to stand in truth. This bear once full seriously in mind, and then you will also know, what you can believe as starting from me. As soon as you recall my words, which I have spoken on earth to my disciples and they also to all men, you will not be able to reject that you can receive pure truth in a way, which I have therefore announced to you with the words: I will send you the comforter, the spirit of truth. And I have mentioned before my words, that I will take residence with those, who prepare their heart for me, that I do not want to let them alone, that I will reveal myself to those, who love me and keep my commands. Therefore it follows from this, that my revelations must come from inside, that I, when have taken residence in the heart of a man, express myself also in the heart and that that leads to, that man hears my voice through the inner word. And again you have a proof that you are therefore allowed to believe this voice unhesitatingly, because it is the expression of my love to those who are mine, who therefore belong to mine, because they themselves have received me into their heart, because I could take up residence in them. Therefore you now have my word, the announcement of my will, truth in purest form. Consequently you do not need to be instructed from outside, if you acknowledge me myself as your master teacher and entrust yourselves to me myself. Therefore a direct communication is possible from you to me, and that you must first of all acknowledge, to be instructed truthfully. Then it will be your endeavour to receive truth out of the first source, and you will also be able to believe convinced, what is imparted to you. Because this knowledge is now sent to you in the fully conscious state; I speak to you, and you listen to me. But I speak to you through your heart, and your heart hears my voice, not your bodily ear, which can only receive words, sent to you from outside. If you hear my word from the inside, then you know that it is me myself, who expresses himself; if on the other hand you hear the word from the outside, then you must seek to discover the place of origin, because much can be offered to you from the outside; also my opponent approaches you from the outside, and therefore you are to examine seriously, and when you examine seriously, you also have the will, to find in me the originator of that, what is offered to you. If you therefore want to hear me speak myself, then I will certainly fulfil your wish, and then every word is truth, which is sent to you, if it is imparted to you by servants devoted to me. And that may be a sure sign to you: that I answer every question for you, if you present it to me for answering. (6.3.1949) You all will always be instructed in a form, which is suited to your degree of maturity; You can only then grasp deepest wisdom, if you have reached a certain degree of maturity, where you can be enlightened from the spiritual kingdom in an unveiled way, what will be comprehensible for you, when you compare for this purpose my work on earth, where I always spoke in parables, in picture language to men, to make it comprehensible to them. So also these veiled instructions have the purpose, to stimulate man to thinking, so that he penetrates into spiritual knowledge and does not just superficially absorb it with is bodily ears. If I give my word unveiled as now, then a degree of maturity is precondition, which guarantees a right understanding of my word. Giving the gist of it, no inconsistencies will now result, as soon as both the veiled as also the direct word from above have the same origin in unveiled form, as soon as each instruction has therefore started from me. But this examination you must carry out first, to which you must just need to request my help, to judge right. Consider that also the adversary works, and exactly then, when men seek to flee him, when they strive for truth to learn to recognize and love me. Then he will always seek to extinguish or to darken the light and be eagerly at work, where opportunity is offered. To now stand by you men and to weaken the work of that power, I inform you through bearers of truth, where unclean powers have led your thinking astray. What comes from above is truth; what comes from below, is error and lie. Where direct spiritual work from the inside is recognizable, there only powers from above can be active, which receive and pass on my radiations. But where powers make use of a form in the unconscious state, there caution is necessary, because a form without will can also be used by a dark power, even so for a short time only, but fellowmen often determine the expressions themselves, which are made through such a form, through their own thoughts and wishes, which are immediately seized by those powers, which now express themselves audibly through a form. Because as soon as among the listeners are strong will powers, their thoughts will also have a strong influence and now seized by light or dark powers according to their truth and expressed audibly. For that reason, with reception of spiritual material, man is to free himself of own knowledge; humbly and like an ignorant little child he is to let himself be instructed, then also purest knowledge will flow towards him, because no resistance is existing, which hinders such.

Many will object to it, that an apparent contradiction becomes visible, but my spirit has always announced the same to men; it was just not understood the same by all, and even those who received my word, were not free of own thoughts, as soon as they turned their look towards the world and brought the events of the world in connection with the spiritual. In addition, for men of that time, in which I dwelled on earth, my plan of salvation from eternity was foreign, and the explanations, which I gave to men about the distant time, were so held that only that man could have formed a right picture of the last time, of the last judgement and of the end, who was completely formed to love. The others lacked recognition, and a clear description of the last events would not have been to their advantage, because they still stood before the judgment particularly announced to them, before the destruction of Jerusalem, which meant for those men also a section of an epoch and was closer to them then the end. So knowledge was certainly given to men of a renewal, of a spiritual change, but with the addition, which was more related to the change of men, than to the transformation of the earth, because the knowledge about latter was not good for their spiritual state. But now I turn to those men, who experience the last section of this earth I turn to those, who have reached certain soul maturity and therefore also the understanding for what is coming. To them I give complete information and instruct them to give knowledge of it to fellowmen. But they will only find faith with those, who, through right striving for perfection, are also able to judge and are of bright spirit, who know my plan of salvation and therefore know that there is no other possibility any more than a total remodelling of earth, for the sake of the souls, which are fallen too deeply and are still to be redeemed one day. Now I speak to men of the time

B.D. NR. 4580

of the end, but also then my words were not contradictory I spoke as man Jesus so as I saw it and was hindered to see the end as it comes. I saw transformed mankind, but not the transformed earth, because God liked it to leave men at that time in ignorance about it. (7.3.1949) That and how long earth must remain education station of the spiritual, that it therefore must afterwards remain existing as earthly creation, was certainly to be explained to men, but the remodelling of the surface of the earth affects the ascent development of the spiritual bound in matter and the new banishment of the spiritual, which, embodied as man, has not passed the faith and will test. Both was not yet comprehensible to mankind; it only differentiated an earthly world, as it existed, and a pure spiritual world, and explanation was only given to men that the earth as material world is not yet to be eliminated and that the further development must proceed in still endless long time on this earth, because the earth as heavenly body does not pass by, it will only fulfil its mission after the last judgement in completely new shape and therefore start a new development period with a paradisical state with those men who get raptured before, because they prove their loyalty to me in the last faith struggle, because they hold out until the end and for that reason become happy in closest connection with me and the spiritual kingdom full of light. Amen. B.D. NR. 4580.


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