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He did not want to be power receiver, but source of power himself.

Fall of the angels - Comment on 2017 March 30 (3)

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But everything was and is power out of God, which cannot get lost for ever and therefore must return to God on a way recognized as successful by his wisdom. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


Why question. (Anthroposopher Cologne) Fall of the angels. Sin.

28. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4551.

For men it remains unfathomable for ever, what causes God to his rule and work, because the intellect of man does not grasp it, on which motives the development of power of God are based; it also does not grasp the connections, because he can only see and feel the effects of that, what originally took place in the spiritual kingdom, in a world, of which all visible creations are just a weak pale reflection, which can never be offered comparatively and were only created as result of that, what once happened in the kingdom of the spirits created by God. These were purest radiation of his power, therefore also full of power and strength, and they stood in highest perfection. God’s will to fashion had transmitted itself also to his creatures, so that all his thoughts also pushed in them to be carried out and consequently these beings were inspired by a will to create of unsuspected extent, which now became active without restriction, i.e. achieved new creations, which excelled themselves. But these new creations were again and again inspired beings, standing in highest perfection, therefore also able to think and talented with a free will. The first being, which went out from God, over-radiated everything in light and power, because it developed itself out of God himself and found its happiness in constant use of its unlimited power. Its creations increased themself and his happiness became more intense into the unmeasured; no limits were set to it from the side of God, but he put it to the test, because he wanted that the being should recognize itself as bearer of the power coming out of God – this test consisted in that the being – Lucifer – should describe God as start to his creations, so that also he himself remained aware of always receiving the power from God, which enabled him to his creative power. He was therefore supposed to acknowledge God as creator and source of power, and his happiness would have been unlimited in eternity. The test was not put to him alone for the sake of this acknowledgment, but he was just put before a free will decision, which was supposed to elevate him from the perfectly created being to a perfect being out of his own will, so that he could now use his power and strength as truly divine being in the will of God. And he failed. He did not want to be power receiver, but source of power himself, and the fullness of power available to him made him think proof enough. He therefore separated himself will-wise from God, although a separation from him was not possible, since without God he would no longer be able to exist. And since through his will under use of the power out of God innumerable beings had been formed, he felt himself as their creator standing in enormous power and might, and therefore he will-wise broke away from God in arrogance and thirst for power. Through it he became sinful and drew all his creatures into the sin, which now were indeed still innocent themselves, however stood completely under the influence of him, who had given life to them. To them God now gave the right of self-determination; they were allowed to see the light; they also recognized in their perfection their start; they could consequently also remain with God and take part in his glory, but there were just few, who joint him, whose will therefore freely decided for God and who as his angels are constantly around him and active for him in the spiritual kingdom. But the majority fell – it joint their father, entered his will out of own drive and therefore fell into a state of darkness. The recognition was taken from him, because the effect of the power decreased, as soon as the being moves away from God. But everything was and is power out of God, which cannot get lost for ever and therefore must return to God on a way recognized as successful by his wisdom. And this way is the course through the earthly material creation, which God let arise for the purpose of the guiding back of the once fallen spiritual. The spiritual goes through this creation in bound will, i.e. in the mandatory state the slow ascent development course until that stage, where free will is given back to it and is once again put before the decision, to choose that power for itself, to which the being wants to belong. The being is burdened with the sin of the former rebellion against God and can however free itself from it with the utilization of the power out of God, which it once had rejected, but this power it must acquire for itself through love work and conscious demand from God in prayer. It must use the free will in earth life the right way – it must again turn towards God and acknowledge him as father and creator from eternity. Then it again enters into the state of light; it becomes power receiver and can therefore again be active according to its will, which is now also the will of God – it will be able to create and shape to its own happiness and therefore be happy for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 4551.


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