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Do go to God himself in school.

Right teacher - Truth Error - Comment on 2017 March 20 (2)

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To be directly taught by me they can at any time, but knowledge about it lacks and faith. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


Right teacher. Truth - Error.

7. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4534.

Men must hand themselves over to a good teacher, if they want to be taught right, but instruction they need, as long as they do not go to me myself in school. To be directly taught by me they can at any time, but knowledge about it lacks and faith. So they must now receive knowledge somewhere else and are to just pay attention that the teacher himself stands in truth and therefore can teach them right. (9.1.1949) It must be so important to them themselves, to be instructed in truth, and therefore they are also to check, where the teacher has taken his knowledge from; they are to first realize in what relationship the teacher stands towards me. For it they themselves must indeed first believe in me as creator and father from eternity; they must acknowledge a divinity inwardly and have the endeavour to get to know this divinity. That is first precondition; otherwise a man will hardly try to penetrate into spiritual knowledge. A difference must be made between men, who take advice, and such, who want to be taught. Former let themselves be pushes into a school without resistance; they let themselves be seized by teachers, who seek subjects to whom they want to impart their knowledge, their views. Latter try themselves to find a school to receive knowledge, and they are serious about winning truth. Towards these seekers I am accommodating and supply the right teacher to them. But since also my opponent wants to win your soul, he will not fail to also lead the representatives of error in the way of them. Also unsuitable teachers will cross the way of him, who seeks truth, and for that reason references are to be given to you, that and how you are to check, to entrust yourselves to the right teachers. And again it may be said, that your attention must first be directed upon that, how the teacher himself stands towards me, whether he represents my word alive or his lips only pass on my word, what is very soon recognizable to the serious seeker, because the alive rendered word arouses enthusiasm in the heart of the listener, while the dead word wears out and makes man disinclined to listen. The man hungry for truth can now indeed also draw a certain use out of this dead word, nevertheless, he will feel it that such instructions do not satisfy him, that he demands more, and then he is to give in to this desire and seek another teacher for himself. But teachers, who prompt man to eager debates, who render my word lively and find echo in the heart, who themselves are connected to God and let this recognize through a kind loving nature, are the right representatives of my word and in possession of truth. And full of confidence you can leave yourselves to them; they will instruct you right and contribute that you soon establish yourselves the intimate connection with me and can consequently be instructed by my spirit directly, mentally or through the inner word. The origin of their knowledge can indeed be the same with both teachers; both can have won the knowledge through study, and nevertheless their abilities as teacher are different and consequently also their knowledge, according to the maturity of their soul purest truth or interspersed with error. For that reason you must always pay attention to the way of life, which the teacher leads, how far the man lives in the following of Christ, i.e., how far he is penetrated by the love towards the neighbour, which leaves his mark on his whole nature and will always be recognizable, because love does not hide itself. Truth will always be there, where love is, because it cannot be won scholastically, but can be recognized and taken hold of only through spirit work, which is the result of a love life. And so you can always tell whether a teacher feels his own thought material or just words, which have not yet found the right echo in the heart and therefore cannot be rendered lively. Examine the teachers, and choose the suitable teacher, because you will come into contact with both. The right ones will be supplied to you by me, but entry to you will also not be refused to the others, because you are to decide for yourselves and also can do it, if you are of serious will to be instructed in truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4534.


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