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And no-one will be able to dispute having had opportunity to spiritual conversations.

New Year’s message: Resistance of men against God - Comment on 2017 March 18 (4)

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It always only depends on the inner resistance, which often opposes pure truth through the influence of Satan. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


New Year’s message: Resistance of men against God.

New Year’s night 1949. B.D. NR. 4529.

The resistance of men against me is great, and only my exceedingly great love protects them from the complete fall into the depth. But the distance from me cannot be decreased, as long as they do not give up their resistance. But resistance is every rejection of my favour, and favour is everything, what leads you up, towards me, and consequently helps to again establish the original state. Favour is therefore also the supply of my word, which imparts pure truth to you, a knowledge that contributes to recognize, to love me and to keep my commands. Man must accept this knowledge; otherwise he receives a wrong picture of me as creator and father from eternity. Lack of knowledge restricts love towards me, and wrong knowledge leads away from me. This must be said first, if man is to grasp it, that and why truth is exceedingly important for the ascent development of the soul. Where truth is not represented, the way to me is blocked, and I cannot be reached via error, and so it will also be understandable that I supply a special gift of favour to men: My direct word from above, because every erroneous teaching must be corrected, if he is to progress in his development, because I myself as eternal truth cannot tolerate it that error and lie walks along next to me. And for that reason I must first correct erroneous teachings, and I only need men, who make themselves available to me in free will, who are willing to receive my teaching in all purity and to pass it on to fellowmen. To them I make my word accessible, indeed in different form, but always of the same content; whether they now accept it directly from me or through mediators, whether they read or hear it, that is suited to their state of maturity and their willingness to receive. For that reason my word can be received at many places in all purity, because also the written word can impart to man the same knowledge, if he receives it in his heart and memory in the desire for truth. He will then always be directed through my spirit in right thinking and therefore stand in truth. But where the will of man resists my will, where man does not devote himself to me, but so to speak wants to get to the truth out of the own intellect, there it will hardly be possible to offer truth. But the resistance against me is great, because all who remain on their spiritual good, who stubbornly hold on to a thought material, which was supplied to them from outside, do this resisting, because they are not willing to give up this thought material against better knowledge. And so first of all the question must be asked: What entitles you to regard exactly this your thought material as truth, where really different schools of thought, different denominations also represent different teachings? With serious thinking you must concede that you have no proof to possess exactly that right knowledge – unless you can prove a direct spirit work, but which will then always produce the same thought material. That it was so taught to you is no proof, that truth was imparted to you. You must always make yourselves aware that man stands in free will and that he, as long as he is still imperfect, through the influence of the adversary, will always more and more confess that, what corresponds to his imperfection, that he therefore must either be perfect, to stand in truth, or else in the awareness of his inadequate state and his ignorance as result of which he must stretch out of the depth his hands up to the light, to the original source of truth, so that his hand might be grasped and he is drawn up into the kingdom of light. He must ask and let himself be given – but not research and ponder intellectually, without the humble admission of his inability for it. Mankind is too much convinced to stand in truth and for this reason pure truth can hardly be supplied to it. But every thinking man should get into doubts through the diversity of that what is considered as truth, on account of his own knowledge and therefore seek truth now there, where it started. I now come to meet men, by me sending bearers of truth to them, but these find open and hidden resistance. But how do you want to gain possession of truth? In which form should it be offered to all those that it finds acceptance, without that free will is restricted? It is up to your resistance only, which I do not break forcibly, but which is still to be blamed for the great darkness, which is spread over earth. I certainly could achieve everything enforced, but you must strive for perfection in all freedom, and that is why there will always only be few men, to whom I can supply pure truth directly, as also the number of those will not be great, who accept the word from above through you, although my current of love flows in all directions and truth seeks to find entrance everywhere in some form. And spiritual conversations are mostly those, which could cause asking thoughts towards eternal truth. And no-one will be able to dispute having had opportunity to spiritual conversations. It always only depends on the inner resistance, which often opposes pure truth through the influence of Satan. But the desire for me and therefore for truth breaks the resistance and enables man to accept my word, through which he is instructed in truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4529.


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