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Matter is therefore power gone out from God.

Origin of matter - What is matter? - Comment on 2017 February 3

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Man can indeed actually test matter for its components; but he cannot establish the origin and the original components of that what his eye sees. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Origin of matter. What is matter?

18. November 1948. B.D. NR. 4489.

A law exists according to which all matter is heading for dissolving as soon as its substances have become unusable, therefore so to speak lost the binding power. It then disintegrates into itself and can also in its rest components only still experience a new shaping together with other matter. The process of dissolving of matter takes place in the universe always and constantly where earthly material creations exist, but as matter is also constantly formed new, therefore substances are put together again and again under use of dissolved matter. Man can indeed actually test matter for its components; but he cannot establish the origin and the original components of that what his eye sees. He only sees the perpetual growing and passing and forming again of new creations, but what was originally, that he does not know, if it is not announced to him through his spirit. Because matter is a new creation; it is not of eternity. It exists, is visible to the human eye and is still really and fundamentally spiritual, therefore power, which one cannot see with bodily eyes. It is a radiation of God, having become form through his will. This act is incomprehensible and will also remain so it is: power that removed itself from God, which consolidates itself until hardening the further it removes itself from God. This power is therefore animated with will; but this will is bound, if it strives to get away from God. It is spiritual, which carries the God-rebellious will in itself, while that spiritual, the power radiation of God, which remains in his will, also remains near him and results in light creations, therefore prompts the creative will of God to objects of most marvellous kind, but which are constantly able to change, what is more imperishable and delighting the beings, which, as completely standing in the will of God, receive his power radiation to likewise creative activity. What therefore completely agrees with the will of God, is not material; what is visible materially, carries in itself the God-rebellious will in different degree and is therefore spiritual having become form, power coming from God, which does not remain so as it goes out from God, if it moves away from God.

But power moving away from God decreases in its effectiveness; matter appears without life; it is in the state of death, of powerlessness and therefore inactivity resulting from it without life, which means uninterrupted activity. If the spiritual would be completely numb, then the state of powerlessness would not be felt by the spiritual, but because the spiritual has known the state of freedom before as free spiritual near God or also as man in the last stage of development on this earth creation - and is completely aware of its existence, it feels the powerless state as agony, which now certainly can contribute to give up the resistance against God, what is recognizable through a minimal starting activity, which results in a speedy change of the hard matter. (19.11.1948) The more life a work of creation shows, the smaller the distance to God has become and the more the spiritual adopts its original properties; it again becomes power and light, the nearer it comes to God, until at the end it is again intimately fused with God. Matter is therefore power gone out from God, which has condenses and in the end hardened the further it is away from God. Matter is actually perishable, because it can again dissolve into its original state, but power is imperishable; it remains, because it is radiation of God, which certainly can change in its form, but never completely perish. But the change of matter is also law; it cannot remain so for ever as it appears, because it always gets into contact with the power out of God, which is still effective as power; and this effectiveness is simply expressed as change of matter. In which degree the power out of God has an effect on matter depends on the resistance of the spiritual, which this matter holds. But also the strongest resistance against God is once broken, why also from time to time violent dissolving takes place in creation, which destroys all matter and has it again come into being in another form, because the power out of God is constantly active and also wants to cause the spiritual having emerged from it to highest activity, because activity alone makes happy, because it alone is life. Amen. B.D. NR. 4489.


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