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Banishment in solid matter.

Spirits low at the end - Busy work necessary - Comment on 2016 August 14 (4)

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The banishment in the creations of the new earth. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Spirits low at the end. Busy work necessary.

22. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4347.

In which trouble your fellowmen are, will only then be comprehensible to you at the end of the days, when you will experience the destruction of the old earth and see the innumerable victims and you now realize which lot they are heading for through the banishment in the creations of the new earth. You are indeed instructed about it, but since you have not yet experienced something similar how the act of destruction will take place, you are also not yet aware of the extent and the effect of this work of destruction, if you really believe in it. But you also lack the faith, although you see the crisis of men daily and you have proofs all the time that the world is ripe for the end. But towards the end this state will still get considerably worse, and men will still not believe in an end, exactly because they stand so low spiritually, and one sign of it is that they are completely turned away from spiritual knowledge. So if a certain degree of low has been reached, the last day has come, which I have announced in word and script. And then there is no longer any help and rescue for men standing completely far from me; judgement will irrevocably be passed on them, and it is: Banishment in solid matter. Only the spiritual awakened knows about the fate of men, who deserted me, but he finds no faith, and his admonishments and warnings are unsuccessful. And for that reason it is also pointless to extent the time until the end of the old earth, because the last time no longer achieves any conversions, far more likely the defections from me increase, and the opponent has an easy job of winning men, because he entices them with matter, and so they themselves create the state through their desire for it, which causes them most bitter agony. The misery of mankind is gigantic; it lives along and still could change, but has lack of will; has lack of love and therefore also power to want to do and act right. And for that reason it still must be worked hard on the hearts of men; still much seed is to be sown, so that some fields are still be cultivated to take up the seed and to bear fruit. Do you now understand why I still need many workers for my vineyard, why I still woo shortly before the night overtakes, and why I promise a good reward to those who in the end still enter my service? Much work is still to be done in consideration of the great spiritual misery, and who is now prepared to help, him I accept and assign his activity to him. Because where a heart is still to be won, also my love is intent on granting every help, so that the terrible lot may be spared to the soul, and can leave earth as happy being on doomsday. Because of that you, my servants on earth, are to be active ceaselessly and work for me and my kingdom; you are to always think of the great spiritual trouble and seek to decrease it, where it is possible, because the end comes with gigantic steps towards you; it is the last time and your work therefore so urgent and important. Amen. B.D. NR. 4347.


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