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Whatever you start, consult me.

Personal matter - Comment on 2016 March 25 (3)

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Because the time is short and every hour precious. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


(Personal matter.)

12. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4121.

And so walk together your way until the end, under my guidance, with the assurance of my help in all life situations, in every earthly and spiritual trouble and especially in your spiritual work, which is now to be purpose and aim of your unification. And let no doubts arise in you over the veracity of that what is imparted to you through the voice of the spirit, because in the deep undoubted faith lies your strength and the secure success of your spiritual work. Whatever you start, consult me; do not live your life without me; let me be your companion daily, and ask me for my blessing. And I will never ever go from you; I will look after you, give you information, where it is necessary, and be a wise and loving adviser for you all the time, a friend and brother and extremely good father, to whom you can entrust yourselves totally. And since you now know about my will, so obey it; do not loose time, which remains to you to work for me and my kingdom, and consider that you must be united before I introduce the end with my intervention; because a time follows it, which is very difficult for all, in which you really must work, if you want to have success. And this unification must have taken place both inwardly as also outwardly for the world, what will then also become fully comprehensible to you. You still do not know about what is coming, but I know about your fate, about your life situation and therefore also know what is necessary for you to be able to fulfil your assignment, for which I have chosen you. Because the time is short and every hour precious. For that reason use it, and obey my advice. Unite yourselves intimately, and be certain of my blessing, which accompanies you on all your ways. Amen. B.D. NR. 4121.


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