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You will still experience it in the flesh.

End of old earth, experience in the flesh - Comment on 2016 March 23

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Therefore you must experience the day, and this you are to believe! Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


End of old earth, experience in the flesh. Admonition.

2. and 5. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4116.

This I announced to you that you will experience the end of the old earth still in the flesh, and I repeat it so that you believe. Your faith is weak, and inwardly you fight against that you stand in the last time. But my spirit speaks always again and again to you and gives you the point of time of the end as imminent. Why don’t you want to believe it? As you otherwise still cannot ignore the truth of my announcements? And why do you hope and expect an ascent, with an improvement of the earthly conditions? Why appears the thought of an end, combined with a total destruction of the old earth, implausible and unacceptable to you? Because you yourselves would still like to live, because you are still not prepared and because you become too little immersed in my word, which explains to you in all clarity the necessity of a total remodelling of the old earth and guides you to deep faith, if you become immersed with a will turned towards me and receive every word as coming from heaven and live accordingly. Even you, who are to spread my word, let yourselves be troubled by doubts, and therefore do not represent my word convinced enough; you let yourselves be weakened by counter objections. Your faith is not strong enough, despite your good will to serve me. Life approaches you with its reality, and it is not possible for you to bring it into line with the spiritual purpose of men, and the result of this is that you do not support it eagerly enough, what I announce to you, regarding the coming time. You do not take my word seriously enough yourselves, why I must speak again and again the same to you: urgent indications to the near end. You will still experience it in the flesh. – Doesn’t that tell you enough? Do you know how high your age will be? Couldn’t also a short life be allotted to you? I alone know the day, which will be the last, and I keep it secret, however I will announce to you, that it is no longer far and that you will serve me until the end. Therefore you must experience the day, and this you are to believe! And you will be good workers for me, because a convinced faith also lets you speak convincingly; and such servants I need on earth, that they insistently have an effect upon men and present to them how necessary my work is on earth and in which spiritual need mankind is in, if help is not brought to it. You receive my word, and you are therefore already advanced in recognition – and you do not want to believe, although you do not reject it or adapt yourselves opposing. (5.9.1947) And that is why I always more urgently talk you into believing, because a deep faith is necessary if your words are to have success with fellowmen. If you have the conviction yourselves that that what you hear through the voice of the spirit is full truth, you are also right representatives of my word on earth, and you then just lend me your mouth that I can express myself through it. And this is your assignment in coming time that you are the voice organ for me, because I cannot reveal myself differently to men, but it is absolutely necessary that they hear me myself, although they are not always able to recognize my voice. The trouble of the last days approaches men in such severity that they would have to despair without my help, without my word. But if I talk myself to them, then they will be strong and also be able to resist the greatest trouble, because my words will impart power to them, and that is why you are to serve me, because without all compulsion men must be influenced and because I can always be present myself where you involve men in spiritual conversation as mediators and therefore contact is established between me and the people to be instructed, who urgently need my word, if they want to hold out until the end. And the end comes soon. This I again and again shout to you, and you are to believe my words and approach the future in fullest safety, which will reveal itself so as I have announced it to you already long before through word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4116.


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