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They have not yet completely become slaves to Satan.

Short time until the end for the sake of weak souls - Comment on 2016 February 28

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Mankind has reached already a long time the spiritual low, which results in such a total dissolving. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Short time until the end for the sake of weak souls.

28. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3917.

That a short time is still given to you until the end, you owe to my exceedingly great love, which still wants to create possibilities for you to rescue your souls from eternal damnation, i.e. from renewed banishment in solid matter through endless long periods of time. But men are incorrigible in their blindness; they do not believe in the end and therefore also do not arrange their life accordingly. However individual souls are still weak; their will has not finally decided; they have not yet completely become slaves to Satan, although they also do not consciously and with earnest will strive towards me. And because of these souls I do not give up the stipulated time of the dissolving, although mankind has reached already a long time the spiritual low, which results in such a total dissolving. I hold on to the time determined for eternity, and that is why you still have a short time of favour to expect, which is indeed earthly extraordinarily difficult to bear for you, nevertheless can still bring rescue to individual souls, as it considerably increases the state of maturity of those, who are mine and must live through these difficult times. But for the sake of these the days will be shortened, as I have promised. Because when the time of the end has entered the last phase, there is almost no hope anymore to still win souls, and then my followers are to experience the truth of my word they will hardly become aware of the time, so fast the days will pass, until I come myself, to fetch them into my kingdom because in this time the spiritual in man will have decided for or against me. In this last phase the devils obviously stand facing the ones that are mine and the number of latter will be small, but exceedingly large the number of those men who are true devils in human form. And then comes the end. And therefore still make full use of the short time, both for your own soul as well as for the souls of fellowmen, who urgently need enlightenment, to whom my will is to be announced and to whom you therefore must bring my word, who are to be admonished and warned so that they cannot say to have remained completely ignorant. Use the time and work for me wherever opportunity is offered to you. Because I myself bring the people to you, whom you are to help spiritually and earthly; I myself guide you the ways and show you where a person in need of help stays, who needs you spiritually and earthly. Because every individual soul moves me to pity, and I want to help it and rescue it from eternal damnation. And if you just see lack of love, hate and injustice around you, then know that weak souls stay in the midst of devils to whom help must be brought, if they are not to come into the power of those. And take care of these weak souls, show them neighbourly love, impart my word to them, and so give them the only powerful means into the hand to become strong and to rescue themselves out of darkness of night into the light of the day. But irrevocably the day draws to its close, and night will come, out of which no soul will be able to rescue itself anymore. It is already late in the evening, but the brightness is still enough to let lost souls recognize the right way, which guides them to the destination, where my messengers and guides stand, who grant support to all who are of good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3917.


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