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Already many earth periods are lying behind you.

Time estimation not possible for men - Comment on 2016 February 9 (3)

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But my creation already exists eternities, which will also remain eternities for you, until you once reach light. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Time estimation not possible for men.

16. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9016.

I will always know how to avoid that you do not feel to be deserted by me because in all needs and worries you are to turn to me, and you will always receive answers because I know it what makes you worry, but I am always ready to relieve you of these when only you hand them over to me trustingly. You do not need to have any thoughts because I think for you; I also know it what is on your mind and which questions you consider. Endless long times have passed in which men already live on earth because the time estimate, which you take from the book of the fathers, has only insofar its legitimacy as that the prevailing spiritual state of those men is seen from it, but that the human race inhabits earth already over-long times that only always those events in their orientation were recorded, which were of importance for the development of men but that it is no longer possible to determine these times in their duration; you would never come to a proper result. But so much is certain that already many earth periods are lying behind you, but that man has always remained the same work of creation, which he is still today that he also could make use of his intellect from the beginning and that always the same problems moved him, which also still worry men today, as far as they concerned the cause of existence and its purpose. Because this gift, to think about it, I had given men from the beginning. Already at that time men discovered traces of prehistoric creatures, which they certainly did not want to acknowledge as people like them, as they differed considerably from their own kind and because first men knew that before them no men like them existed, because they recognized themselves as a new creation; they themselves knew it that with their existence an act of creation started, which had not yet been there before. They knew it that they could exchange ideas and that it was possible for every created man to exchange ideas with fellow men. Moreover such pre-beings were unknown to them, as they also did not know all pre-creations, which they themselves had to pass through, until they were allowed to embody themselves as man. But never have those Pre-Adamites lived with men on earth at the same time, because those had died out when men arrived on earth. Therefore a living together could never have taken place because such did not fulfil my plan from eternity, which would not have let any faultiness develop at a time where perfect man was to prove himself as the crown of creation. Because this man was not aware of all pre-creations; he did not know his long walk through the works of creation of this earth, and therefore he had to be a perfect new creation, which could receive a soul because a completely new walk on earth started for man with the aim of the final union with me. That man did not reach this last union out of his own failure has however nothing to do with the walk through the pre-stages because every soul, which is once allowed to embody itself as man, has also reached the degree of maturity, which allows such an embodiment. But it is impossible for man to establish an exact time for his stay on earth, and he will also receive no enlightenment about this because it is irrelevant, how long he already inhabits earth, and therefore also the times cannot be determined where those pre-men have lived, but that is certain, that they preceded men, that they stayed everywhere before primeval times as likewise a creation, which served the maturation of endless many soul particles, and they also contributed to the upward development of these particles, which were then allowed to again embody themselves in man. You men can no longer ascertain this time wise, and this will also not be possible for you, you can only assume an estimated time, but will never know whether this is correct because the life of every single man is limited. But my creation already exists eternities, which will also remain eternities for you, until you once reach light. Then you will also know that the idea of eternity is for me fleeting moment. Amen. B.D. NR. 9016.


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