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And earth life would then have just been a preliminary stage towards eternal life.

What would be if Adam would not have failed? - Comment on 2016 February 3

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What first men could have achieved with ease, if they would have directed their will right, that now became endlessly difficult, because all Satanic qualities took root in men, which required great strength to fight against, which the will on man no longer summoned. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


What would be if Adam would not have failed?

30. June and 1. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9005.

Every spiritual question I answer, which you ask me. But for the time being you must know one thing, that it was not my will to have you go through such an extreme difficult earth life, that I would have certainly been satisfied with the time, which you have spent in bound will in the mandatory law because this time was so terribly long that it truly would have been enough that you could again unite with me but that I had to demand the last testing of your will, which you should now pass as I-conscious beings as man. You should only voluntarily give yourselves again to me, and by this means you would have abolished the great sin of the former desertion from me. You were supposed to prove your love towards me, you who once resisted against the love illumination. That is why first men were created good; in love they were devoted to me, because I had equipped them with everything; I gave them the earth as their own; I made everything subject to them; they recognized me as their God and creator they were surrounded by magnificent works of my power of creation they could enjoy them everything was just suitable that they could sing praise and thanks to me that they could show me hot love, and they themselves also had no evil thought in themselves. But free will I had to give to first men exactly the same way because they started from me as original spirits, which were not conceivable without free will. And because they once had turned away from me and voluntarily followed my opponent to the deep, he had the same right to influence first men, because the will was again supposed to decide whether it wanted to follow me or him. And this test of will, which should have been easy for them, they did not pass, and as a result all evil desires were now also again awakened, which they had already overcome in the time before the embodiment as man. The family parents now transferred their nature upon the following families, and it became more and more difficult for them, to escape from the fetters of the opponent. But had first men passed the test of will, which was not all too difficult, then I would have been satisfied with the endless long way before. Following men would have given me in exactly the same way voluntarily their love again, they would then have just gone over earth to enjoy its creations they would have exercised only a good influence upon all creations so that also they could embody themselves as man. And earth life would then have just been a preliminary stage towards eternal life; the power of the opponent would have been broken, because first men would have devoted themselves completely consciously to me and had completely eliminated the opponent, who now could no longer apply his power and soon would have also submitted himself to my love. Therefore only from first men it was demanded that they voluntarily let themselves again being illuminated by me, and the original sin would have been abolished, because only love could atone for this sin. But now the sin was repeated and what before only extended over the spiritual world bound in creation, that now befell whole mankind. What first men could have achieved with ease, if they would have directed their will right, that now became endlessly difficult, because all Satanic qualities took root in men, which required great strength to fight against, which the will on man no longer summoned. Therefore the work of redemption of Jesus Christ became necessary, of the light spirit, who voluntarily offered himself, as he recognized that first men failed, who offered himself to me, voluntarily out of love to suffer and to die on the cross, to now atone for this doubled sin. I certainly knew from the earliest beginning that this second Fall of Man took place, but I did not want it that men had to go such an agonizing course, but could not make the will of men unfree. And because I know that I once will win all beings back since before me thousand years are like one day - since it is about an eternal life in happiness what you also will once recognize (1.7.1965) you need to have no doubts that you once will be free of that turmoil; but you will then also be able to enjoy those splendours as most highly perfected beings, which make up for all suffering of the past time and cannot be measured with earthly ideas. You must always know that not I caused the indescribable suffering, which men therefore created for themselves since the Fall of first Man, that I truly gave to the first human couple (to first men) every possibility to make the free will decision easy for it/them that I only gave to it/them an easy command, which it/they could fulfil if love was so strong in it/them that it alone determined them to devote themselves to me but that then this intimate love would also have seized all following men, that these therefore could also resist my opponent in all temptations. But so the second fall had taken place and burdened all following men anew, until the divine redeemer Jesus Christ descended to earth to deliver an open fight to my opponent. Because he abused his power, by him driving men to an always greater loveless way and always weakened their will more so that they could no longer become free without the work of salvation, but sank more and more into darkness. And I myself imposed limits on this work I sent my son to earth to rescue men who wanted to be rescued. Because again free will must be prepared for it to accept the favours of the work of salvation, because also the rescue work cannot be accomplished against the will of men. Originally the course of development through the creations of earth should certainly be enough to be able to now pass the test of will as man, because each one soul was already so far matured through the agonies of the mandatory state that it could easily resist the temptations, but the fall of first men gave the opponent again power over all souls, of which he has taken advantage in an alarming way. That is precisely why an original spirit was chosen as first man, who had all abilities to be able to withstand the opponent, but he could not be forced to his decision; he had to remain completely free in thinking and acting, and my opponent now caused to turn this free will towards himself, what therefore resulted in the renewed fall, as a result of which the sin of the defection of the spirits from me was repeated. But my opponent could this right not be refused because the former fall happened in free will and they have followed him into the deep. You can therefore not say that I wanted the repeated fall to now move you again into the state of greatest agonies, but I could not prevent it, because it also took again place in free will and this free will will also once again turn towards me, you therefore once certainly come out of this pitiable state, because my love itself has redeemed you, by embodying itself in the man Jesus, to crusade against the adversary and to wrest from him all those souls who want to return again to me into their father house, into their true home, which they once left voluntarily. For my love belongs to you as before, and all suffering will have found its end, as soon as you want to be free of him, who still keeps you tied up, as soon as you long for me again and therefore give me the right that I take again possession of you, so that I no longer leave you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 9005.


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