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"It must look democratic, but we must hold everything in our hand."

It must look democratic - Comment on 2016 January 23

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Everything that does not support Obama is fought, destabilised, undermined and attacked. Read more:

"It must look democratic" is the obvious objective of people who want to abolish democracy and introduce an undemocratic system. When one follows the politics of Obama and Merkel then details point out that these two pursue an aim of which the motto is "It must look democratic, but we must hold everything in our hand."

I now first of all want to quote from an article, which very nicely describes a procedure according to this motto of a genuine Stalinist and which shows how a dictatorship is started according to Stalinist ideas. After that come extracts from some news of the last few days, which go in this direction.

The first date mentioned in the report is the 30th of April 1945, and that is the day of the death of Adolf Hitler, and therefore the first dictatorship in Germany was directly followed by the second. Both dictatorships’ aim was and is, to hold everything in one’s hand.

Here now first the extracts from an article:

"It must look democratic..."

By Wolfgang Leonhard
7. May 1965

20 Years ago the Group Ulbricht started its work – legend and reality

On the 30th April 1945, early at six o’clock, Walter Ulbricht and nine communist emigrants stood before the Moscow Hotel „Lux“ in Gorki Street. A few minutes later a bus arrived; they got on and went to the Moscow airport Wnukowo. The staff of the airport obviously knew; without the otherwise usual custom controls and identity card formalities the ten German emigrants were brought to a waiting American Douglas transport plane. Few minutes later the plane started – in the direction of Germany.

So started, nine days before the Second World War ended, the action of the "Group Ulbricht", which became decisive for the political development in Germany. In the last years the "Group Ulbricht" has been glorified in a huge number of publications. In many points however these accounts do not agree with the facts.

As partaker of this group I can still remember exactly that I only heard for the first time in the middle of April of this undertaking.

After a short visit in the commanding office of Berlin Lichtenberg we were divided: two members of the "Group Ulbricht" for each Berlin district. Ulbricht invited me to go with him to Berlin Neukölln. On the same evening we met in a simple room in a worker’s flat, which was lighted by a flickering paraffin lamp, with a group of Neukölln communists. As much as I was pleased to now sit together with real German communists for the first time, as much was I already at this evening shaken by the highhanded manner of Ulbricht. It was not a seeing again of political friends, but a meeting of the boss with subordinates. Ulbricht asked the Neukölln communists questions and gave them guidelines for the work, short, matter-of-fact and hard.

Every day we now went early in the morning to the different Berlin districts – first mostly to the western -, and late in the evening our meetings then took place in Bruchmühle. Every one of us gave his report, and Ulbricht explained the new instructions. On one of these meetings the later party leader issued the directive: It must look democratic, but we must hold everything in our hand.

The real reasons for the dissolving of the committees – Ulbricht’s deep distrust with regard to all independent directions and initiatives, with regard to everything what he could not exactly control – though dawned on me only later.

That were therefore extracts from Wolfgang Leonard‘s report and now a news item from yesterday:


Sanctions aginst FPÖ und FN?

USA initiates investigation against Nato critical parties in Europe

The US Congress has instructed the secret services to carry out far reaching investigations about EU and Nato critical parties in Europe. The Americans suspect that these parties are infiltrated by Russia. Should the secret services reach this opinion, the parties are threatened with far reaching consequences.

First of all the undemocratic behaviour of the Americans is obviously to be noticed, but particularly interesting is the attitude of the Congress, which really has a Republican majority.

The majority of the Republican politicians, particularly in Washington, has never seriously fought the presidency of Obama and in reality went along with the transformation of America into a dictatorship. When Obama was unmasked through Edward Snowden as greatest thief of all times, Obama was not impeached, but he who revealed him as being a thief was condemned, and persecuted by them the same way as Obama himself persecuted him.

It is quite possible that the candidacy of Mrs Clinton is ruined a second time through Obama. The Republicans in Congress could quite support a third presidency of Obama and as excuse for such behaviour give that it would prevent a Republican presidency of Trump.

Roosevelt was not only elected three times as American president, but even four times.

So the possibility absolutely exists that Obama is really the last president of America.

So Obama could still this year turn out to be a surprise candidate.

And now still another news item from yesterday:

Search for stability

Advice from Israel: Germany should cooperate with Russia

Israel sees the new engagement of Russia in the Middle East certainly calmly, but the advantages for Israel predominate. Interesting: Israel observers recommend to Germany to do it like Israel and to cooperate with Russia – because Moscow does not intend to topple governments in other countries.

With other words America intends to topple governments in other countries.

And the best example is the Ukraine.

20 Days ago we had this news, 2016 January 03 (3):

2016 010
2016 January 3 (3)
Poisoned fruit of EU
Study: Opposition supported by West has committed Maidan massacre
After analyses of thousands of pieces of documentary evidence, study of University Ottawa comes to the result: The shots against the demonstrators on the Maidan did not come from the government, but out of the ranks of the opposition supported by the West. Since the 1st of January the Ukraine is associated with the EU – one poisoned, late fruit of violence of the Maidan.

This mass murder goes probably directly back to an initiative of Obama and Merkel.

The destabilization of Arabic countries is a further example. Obama planned the decay of Iraq already before he became president by him promising to withdraw troops there.

Everything that does not support Obama is fought, destabilised, undermined and attacked.

The BRICKS countries are a further example.

The international killing of people with the help of drones points in the same direction.

Here news from the US elections:

President: numerous prominent people support campaign against Trump

Prominent actors, writers and intellectuals support a campaign to the prevention of Donald Trump as US president.

This campaign against Trump started immediately after he announced his candidacy. All propaganda organs which support Obama everywhere in the world take fully part in this and see in Trump someone who could endanger Obama’s autocracy.

When one underlays this motto to the motives of Obama and Merkel - "It must look democratic, but we must hold everything in our hand" – then it is relative simple to understand their politics.


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