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Do not turn down what is beyond your judging.

Old Testament - Comment on 2016 January 21 (4)

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Take their refuge towards the heavenly father and ask him for enlightenment. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Old Testament.

17. November 1937. B.D. NR. 185.

Your spiritual good will increase if you willingly put your trust in us and remain united to your saviour in constant love. We have the task to initiate you into the teachings of the Old Testament. God gave, before the saviour became man, his prophets his voice and imparted through them his commandments. It was taught that the Messiahs shall come, from whom all salvation shall happen to mankind. But by no means gave God the Lord the task to them, to inform about the sins of the fathers. As God speaks to his also today, so he informed men always already to walk in faith and in love towards the creator. And still documents came into being through men, which were to testify the will of the Lord. It could be called presumptuous if such writings were not being written with the best intention to serve thereby the Lord and creator of heaven and of earth. And now these teachings guide there that one seeks to deny everything – also the words of the Lord himself, who has given them to men as a blessing through his prophets. Therefore do not turn down what is beyond your judging. Let God rule anew, and accept what he sends to you in clear words, which will be taken to heart by you and which will more penetrate into you than the book of the fathers. But it is also erroneous – what you do not understand that do not judge. Do not reject, because you can also reject much truth with it. The words of God are to me missing in no house, but even so the old book no longer gives you what can be of comfort to you, then still do not reject it – time went by about it and with it also the way men speak. Do not deny God’s word, but urgently ask the father that you read in enlightenment – that you understand right what he has given to you through prophets - and that the teachings of truth may be imparted to you. The love of the divine father will again and again find ways that his teachings find entrance into the hearts of mankind – and to keep you from error he will steer your thoughts, if you just want to understand right and want to receive from the book of books only divine truths and not humanly fathom the weaknesses and mistakes of mankind. Only pure, honest, thinking turned towards God guarantees the truthfulness of the words, which God sends to the earth children in love through his tools. If this thinking mixes with earthly striving – if it is not exclusively turned towards the heavenly father, then every work from the hand of man will come into being no longer purely divine, but humanly erroneously – and so spiritual teachings are to be explained, which to accept so many spiritually striving people resist. But on the other hand also here one thing is valid that science cannot fathom this, what truth is and what wrong teachings – the recognition will only have those who take their refuge towards the heavenly father and ask him for enlightenment. He will not deny to them the favour and lead them on the right way – the way of recognition. Then trustingly devote yourself to our words, and pay attention to everything what God prepares for you (singular) to announce pure truth to you (plural). Amen. B.D. NR. 185.


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