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And this is the coming into being of matter.

Electrons – Part A - Comment on 2015 December 29

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And the spiritual enlivening these electrons is that imperfect spiritual, which begins the course of development on earth, which becomes bound in form. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:



21.-23. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4067a.

Powers, which develop in nature, can be seen as an effect of the eternal power of the creator, as a consequential result, which is understandable to every man who intellectually deals with it. The power current of God is conducted into infinity, and this power must become evident somehow, otherwise it would not be recognizable as power. It must let things come into being or set in motion; it must generate life. This power development is therefore an enlivening of all that what has emerged out of the hand of God and is to again reach the state in which it was in the very beginning – where it was active creating and forming. Therefore, through the perpetual pouring forth of the power of God, also perpetual works of creation must come into being, as also in these a constant activity must be recognizable. This activity is so to speak the life of the spiritual embodied in the works of creation, which, so it is recognizable to the bare eye, classes the work of creation into the category of living beings. But there are also tiny and most tiny living beings, which the human eye cannot recognize, and which, even so the eye would also be extraordinarily sharpened, therefore not to be recognized, because they move with such speed that they cannot be followed. But they are of unimaginable power and form so to speak the core of the whole of creation; so far it is recognizable to man as matter. They form the basic material, the first form of the power starting from God; they are compressed radiations of God, living things in innumerable variety, which are certainly visible as matter in joining together, but which have not yet entered into this joining together, and which therefore move in extreme speed, because they seek each other and push to each other. These are therefore spiritual substances of incomparable strength, which buzz around unbound and free, and can assume no form so long, until they have found to each other and now compress each other more and more. (23.6.1947) Power starting from God is actually not divisible, nevertheless its effects are single creations, which again decay into innumerable substantial particles everyone for itself, if they would be subdivided up to the (smallest) finest. And these tiny substances are in constant motion, they can therefore be nothing bound, which powerlessly depends on help. Only then it becomes this when a spiritualization of these substances takes place in endless long time, i.e., when they are determined to be bearers of spiritual entities, which only occurs, when they formed forms after joining together, no matter how small the extent is. Power out of God therefore then compresses itself to form, and this is the coming into being of matter, which certainly needs inconceivable long time for formation, before it becomes visible to the human eye. Every form receives spiritual, which is to develop upwards. As soon as man can therefore establish small and smallest particles through research, they are also already enlivened, otherwise they could not be proven substantially. And the spiritual enlivening these electrons is that imperfect spiritual, which begins the course of development on earth, which becomes bound in form. There is no more powerful discovery during earth life than the establishment that in the most infinite reduction the beginning of powerful creation is to be found, that every work of creation could therefore be broken up to the most infinite, provided this plan would be undertaken with God’s help. But men with only intellectual thinking go there so far as to a field, which they will never control completely. And this puzzle will also no longer be solved as long as the earth still stands. Amen. B.D. NR. 4067a.


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