The inviolability of free will.

Activity of the light beings - Comment on 2015 December 28 (2)

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And that is why light beings can only work there where in man himself the will stirs to receive spiritual knowledge, divine truth. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Activity of the light beings. Connection to earth.

17. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4064.

Light beings impart exceedingly extensive knowledge in the will of God to men on earth, if they are prepared to accept it. But latter is precondition; otherwise the process of transmitting out of the spiritual kingdom cannot take place. Because the knowledge offered by God’s great love, would, without the will to accept, have a faith-forcing effect upon men, if with the knowledge also the power of recognition would be given to them, which is only the key to wisdom for the man prepared to accept, but which he always receives with the knowledge, if he is given spiritual gifts through divine will. But then he is unutterably rich already on earth, because he possesses something immortal, something, which has eternity-value – he possesses a knowledge, which is in accordance with truth and which can never ever be taken from him, because it fills him completely; it is received by heart and intellect and can be increased constantly, because no limits are set to man from God. And still only very few men stand in this knowledge; only very rarely light beings can conduct spiritual knowledge to earth; only very rarely men hungry for knowledge are connected to God, that his will deems them worthy to receive spiritual material; only very rarely therefore pure truth finds entrance with them, and darkness on earth shadows light, even so it can never bring it to go out. But everything has to bow down to one law, in heaven and on earth – the inviolability of free will. And that is why light beings can only work there where in man himself the will stirs to receive spiritual knowledge, divine truth. Then they seize every opportunity to communicate with men on earth, because this is the noblest love activity of these beings, to go on carrying this light, which lights the way for them and makes them unspeakably happy, to bring brightness to dark places, to spark light in the hearts of men, to break through the night of the spirit and to make hearts glad and happy. For divine knowledge makes happy and satisfies him, who hungers for truth. But God will never withhold his gift from him who desires it, but everyone is given according to his desire, and that is why one can call a comprehensive knowledge his own, while only little is offered to another, because the desire of the former is greater, why he is also surrounded by many light beings, which instruct him mentally and give to him what they possess themselves. They are busy in their activity; love towards the ignorant drives them to feed knowledge to them constantly. But they find only few hearts willing to accept, why extraordinarily amply is given to these few, so that they likewise take part in the work and impart spiritual good, if it is received willingly. And this is one of the greatest love works for the neighbour – to make truth accessible to them, which takes its start from God and is also to lead back to God again all what is unredeemed, which still walks along in ignorance and can therefore also not be happy. This is God’s will that truth is spread, so that spiritual night gives way to a bright morning, to which soon the light of the day will follow. Amen. B.D. NR. 4064.


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