Accept my love teaching and act accordingly.

Conditions to the work of the spirit - Comment on 2015 December 26 (2)

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The right attitude towards me, towards my commands, is basic condition to stand in truthful knowledge, no matter in which way and in which form it is offered. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Conditions to the work of the spirit. God closeness through love.

9. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4060.

You can receive knowledge from all fields if you desire this and allow the voice of the spirit to teach you. But condition is that you first fulfil what I demand of you, what is announced to you through my servants – that you therefore accept my love teaching and act accordingly. That is the precondition to then also penetrate into deep knowledge. If you receive through human instructions the same knowledge without previous love work, then you will not know what to do with it; you will also not be able to pass it on live to your fellowmen because since it has itself not yet found entrance into your heart, you lack both the gift of reporting about it as also the eagerness of inner conviction, and it goes unheard completely without effect in the ears of those who listen to it when not the love work, to which it is made a condition, enables the hearer to receive the wisdoms with heart and intellect. Then my spirit works as in those men; he is instructed by the spirit in him even so through the mouth of him who is himself full of understanding for that what he passes on. The right attitude towards me, towards my commands, is basic condition to stand in truthful knowledge, no matter in which way and in which form it is offered. And that is why these announcements, which are imparted to men out of the spiritual kingdom as mental spiritual-material, can never be checked by a man who lacks the main thing – the God closeness through love. A just examination and a just judgement cause irrevocably the work of the spirit, and my spirit only has there an effect where all influence on the part of the opponent switches off, where the divine spirit spark establishes the connection with the father spirit, what is only possible through a forming to love. In every life situation man can form himself to love, and therefore also every man can let his spirit become effective, but the receiving of the spirit material must also be practised, otherwise the voice of the spirit is not audible, as also the thought must be respected if the spirit cannot express itself audibly. It is no language of the world, which the spirit leads; they are words of light and of love, words, which impart recognition, express deep knowledge and purest truth and God’s great love, which a good father speaks to his children. And therefore the heart must receive these words, because the intellect alone can certainly receive the content, but never grasp it in its depth, because the divine word must be felt, not only allowed to be heard. And this is a matter of the heart; otherwise the love of God cannot be recognized and also not become effective. The human heart is the residence of the feeling, i.e., the soul communicates through the heart with the body, and therefore also the spirit wants to express itself through the heart. The spirit intervenes into the feeling life of the soul and so likewise wants to be presented to the body; it wants so to speak unite with the soul to the same work. It wants to pull the soul over into the spiritual kingdom and also make the body submissive to its will. And therefore man must help with this uniting of the body with the soul; he must want that he is provided from the spirit in himself, that he is instructed, and do everything for it to hear the voice, what is only then possible when, through an unselfish love life, he has formed his soul so that it now leans more towards the spirit than the body, that it is driven from the heart to desire light and love, so that its desire is now fulfilled. Because that is condition that the gifts of the spirit are desired. But the intellect alone will certainly check or judge, but will never be influenced by feeling; the intellect alone demands proofs, which cannot be supplied in spiritual truths; but the heart contents itself and lets its feeling pass as proof and will therefore judge more reliably and more correctly and recognize truth as truth. It therefore possesses an ability upon which the intellect cannot lay claim to. And so it is therefore understandable that only then it can be judged right over the results of spirit work when the examining person himself consults the spirit in himself and when he makes himself worthy of its expressions, i.e. fulfils all conditions, which earn him the work of the spirit. Because now also his knowledge becomes deepened and extensive, and all connections become clear to him, which he can never fathom with just intellectual thinking. Because God hides from those men, who still stand far from him, so that they come to him and ask for his help; that they call upon him for enlightened thinking, because this call comes out of the heart and will also earn the heart what is useful for the soul to the uniting with its spirit. The heart will be allowed to receive love and favour and never come away empty-handed if it opens itself through intimate prayer to God, who will always hear it. Amen. B.D. NR. 4060.


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