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Confessing Christ - Comment on 2015 November 20

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The living Christian faith does not consist of a belonging to a Christian church, but in the right following of Christ. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Confessing Christ. Living Christian faith.

31. March 1947. B.D. NR. 4012.

Who belongs to the church of Christ, he must also confess him before the world, when this is demanded of him. He is not allowed to deny Christ; he must stand up for him and his teaching, and he must live himself according to his teaching; he must believe in the work of redemption and through a life in unselfish neighbourly love prove his belonging to him, and only then he can be called a real Christian, only then he stands in the living Christian faith, which does not consists of a belonging to a Christian church, but in the right following of Christ. And the true followers of his church will be badly treated with hostility from the world side; people will persecute them and under threads want to force them to desert the faith. And then they must stand firm against the world; then they must openly stand by him, even when they have to fear to lose their bodily life. A death for Jesus Christ will awaken the soul to life for ever. But who makes concessions to the world, who does not have the courage to resist it, he certainly cares for his earthly life, but he sells his soul, and what the world offers him is worthless for eternity. And that is why the choice should be easy for man in the face of the near end, which will bring a destruction of all matter; and that man will give up everything who lives in and for Christ. No thread of the world will frighten him or persuade him to make a wrong decision before God; he will be courageous and brave in the face of all accusations of the world, and then also the promise of Jesus will be fulfilled: Who confesses me before the world him I will also confess before my father. Man will gain the affection of eternal love according to his promise. Then he will come himself to men and bring the Gospel to them; he will take his stay in the hearts of his, and they will be allowed to receive the greatest reward. God himself will be in man and provide him with richest knowledge; he will be with him in the word until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4012.


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