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Because as soon as his spirit is put into action, man can receive knowledge unmeasured, because he himself determines the degree of wisdom in which he wants to walk. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Content of Bible is love teaching. Explanation of Jesus. Records.

16. Marchz 1947. B.D. NR. 4000.

The spirit in you must teach you, otherwise you remain without knowledge. But it can only then become active when you live in love. And that us why my mission as man on earth first existed in the sending of divine love teaching, because it first had to transform man through obeying that the spirit in him could go into action and only then further spiritual imparting was possible. But men had deviated so far from love at the time of my walk on earth that the results of their lack of love had to be pointed out to them again and again and in more detail and the love commandment had to be held up to them continuously, and only few I could introduce to deep knowledge. But it would not be wise of me to impart this knowledge generally to men because without love it remains dead knowledge without effect. And that is why also the records of my disciples have remained in a form through my will, which certainly let deep knowledge lack, nevertheless have the love teaching as content, and who obeys it, he also penetrates into deeper knowledge, when he has a serious desire for it. I myself have certainly handed out on earth knowledge in fullness, but I also knew the hearts of my listeners; I knew about their degree of love, their will and about the recognition of my person, which caused my listeners to accept the knowledge offered to them as sole truth. I also instructed my disciples and made them able, through the pouring out of my spirit after my ascension to heaven, to impart to their fellowmen the same again, what they received through the spirit, and therefore men were also well supplied, to whom the disciples brought the Gospel, but as a love life is always the precondition to comprehend deep spiritual knowledge and to come into the blessing of it, the commandment to love should be passed on to future generations, and that is why this was written down by the disciples on my instructions, so that it remained conserved so, as it was taught by me on earth. And also my walk of life, which should serve all men as example, was content of the records, which remained behind for mankind as estate of my disciples, but which have deep knowledge missing, because this is my will. For he who wants to draw that knowledge out of the book, that certainly holds my word in it, and does not have love, he would not know what to do with it because spiritual knowledge is that light, that is ignited through love, that only can then radiate in fullest illuminating power when my spirit is awakened in man and man is now illuminated from the inside. Passed on school like knowledge would only then have a value when it can be checked and digested to become spiritual property, but what is always only possible under assistance of the spiritual, why love is indispensible. What is therefore more comprehensible than that through me myself on earth, as also through the records formed according to my will, always only love was taught and always only the commandment to love must be introduced to men first and most importantly? What is more comprehensible than that man cannot often enough be admonished to obey this law to acquire maturity of the soul? All further knowledge is just a result of a love life and is imparted to individual man as it is of use for him. Because as soon as his spirit is put into action, he can receive knowledge unmeasured, because he himself determines the degree of wisdom in which he wants to walk, and he then does not need to receive it out of books, but it is offered to him directly out of the spiritual kingdom, but what only that man can comprehend, who has awakened the spirit in him through obeying of my love commandment, what will never be comprehensible to those who live along without love and seek to acquire their knowledge out of books. This is just dead knowledge, but only the spirit gives life only love gives the full understanding. Amen. B.D. NR. 4000.


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