The Western World has never challenged the right of the church.

Hildesheim and the cover-up - Comment on 2015 November 9

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Nobody dares to declare the church to be a system of wrongdoing. Read more:

When I wrote the webpage 2015 Nov 07 – Hildesheim – Stronghold of perversity the day before yesterday, I asked myself, what is probably the reason why the leadership of the Hildesheim Catholics comes before the public with this cover-up.

Today now I read the reason:

Severe accusations against the former Hildesheim Bishop Heinrich Maria Janssen have become known on Friday, 27 years after his death: Janssen is to have sexually abused an acolyte at the beginning of the 1960s – regularly and about four and half years long. The victim, who is about 70 now, revealed this to the leadership of the diocese already in the middle of April of this year. But Suffragan Bishop Heinz-Günter Bongartz made the accusation public only on Friday. The reason: On Saturday a report appears in the news magazine Der Spiegel about the case – the Catholics are to hear the news not from this source.

In beforehand news of the Spiegel it is said yesterday word-for-word: "The person affected has declared that the bishop has abused him from the age of ten years regularly through masturbation, oral sex and anal intercourse." The encroachments had taken place "under the exploitation of the authority and the position of the bishop.

The person affected turned in the meantime to the Spiegel – an in the maelstrom of the report announced for tomorrow the leadership of the diocese decided to state their view on their part.

So the Catholic clerics have not changed. With the subject of sexual abuse the Catholic Church puts the emphasis completely on openness and transparency, it says, the Catholic Church, but it only does it when the crimes can no longer be concealed, when it, the Catholic Church, will be pilloried the next day, then suddenly, one day before, it shows openness and transparency, but at the same time it says, the Catholic Church, that the suffering that was inflicted upon the man according to his own statement, fills it with deep grief, but at the same time the victim is reproached for his shortcomings and consequently the foundation stone is laid to release of the victim for persecution.

And now to the reactions of the Hildesheim Catholics, which already see the actual criminal in the victim and not in the culprit.

Being questioned, the former school head of the Josephinum, Gerhard Collong, declared himself against every form of renaming or revocation. He told the newspaper he thinks the accusations against Janssen for being pure invention: "I can’t imagine that." Nothing like this has ever come to his ears from the circle of his learners. Collong was the head of the school in the Josephinum from 1977 to 1989. That the diocese paid 10 000 Euros to the former acolyte he does not consider as confession of guilt. "What does not happen nowadays all the time," said the 80-years-old. He thinks it outrageous, "to draw something like this into the public afterwards".

The victim it the person who is guilty. The victim is shameless. The victim must be pilloried. And when it then stands at the pillory, then the entire population must also declare it as being shameless and then the authorities must condemn it and then the stake must come.

Nowadays it is no longer so easy to get the worldly power to intervene and therefore such people must come, who just wait for an opportunity to prove themselves as true heroes for the defence of the things of God, and who then eliminate such a shameless person.

And the clerics, like Mr Collong, prepare the groundwork for the stake action and make the dogmatic objectives available.

Any accusations about the crimes of a cleric will never come to the ears of man like Mr Collong because no learner will be so naïve to speak about something like this in the reach of Mr Collong’s ears and end his career and most probably also his life.

Normal people do not speak about such things in the reach of the prophet murderers.

People like Mr. Collong symbolize the stake-mentality of the Christian western world.

And this school of thought has been for centuries that what constitutes the actual nature of the Western World, the Occident.

I once again quote what the man from Istanbul, Pir Doub, has formulated so properly:

Western thought never recovered from the dead hand of the organized church although it had aided and abetted the monopoly of that church by never challenging its right. Any hint that the organized church did not contain the esoteric content one might have hoped for was met with the stake.

The word "stake" is the keyword, which one has to recognize, when one wants to see through the thinking of the Western World.

The Western World has never challenged the right of the church.

And that has not changed at all today. Nobody dares to declare the church to be a system of wrongdoing.

The Western World is a world of degeneration. It has lost the qualities, which are normal and desirable or truthful for its kind.

And what is derisable is getting persecuted. And the persecution must also have the purpose that any further person, who might perhaps think to drag the crimes of this church to public view, will think twice whether he practically wants to commit suicide.

One or two negative things are getting inserted In the publication of the Catholic Church about the victim and that is the well-known signal, which everyone immediately understands who is a good Catholic and that is then the beginning of the character assassination, the deliberate destruction of a person’s reputation, but that is then also just the start because such people are then certainly to be found who will really do away with such a victim.

When one reads one article in a newspaper then there are eight people who express their opinion about the case and six of them condemn the victim – not the culprit.

That is Catholicism, but in a wider sense it is the spiritual attitude of the Christian world.

One can express this with one word – stake.


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