Decreased material possession will always drive to busier activity.

Reshaping matter - Comment on 2015 November 6

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The process of redemption of all spiritual can only take its progress, when serving is made possible for it. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Reshaping matter. Activity - Blessing. Redemption.

7. March 1947. B.D. NR. 3993.

Divine love is not always recognizable but always working to help man, as well as all spiritual, which still languishes unredeemed in material form. Every change is a help, and that is why man is also to participate in the reshaping of that what surrounds him as matter when it fulfils no serving purpose. Your love for the unredeemed is also expressed in this that you help it in its spiritual trouble, and that you can do as soon as you open serving possibilities to it. Everything that surrounds you suffers agonies when it cannot be active, because the will for it it has and has always been embodied in the form on the basis of its will, which has a serving activity as destiny, therefore man must contribute to it that the spiritual is not hindered to serve, to not lengthen its agony, but to help it, to become free from its form. But manís thinking and striving is about gaining possessions, to gather riches, and he will consequently only bring a small part of material property to its actual destiny, while the other far greater part of his possessions remains inactive, because it is not allowed to serving activity. And therefore it is to be understood how necessary a dissolving of the form of that spiritual has become, which was already bound in matter throughout the time, without having been brought to its actual purpose; it is understandable that God himself helps the spiritual where manís help fails, where his greed for earthly possessions drove him to the gathering of material goods, without taking the actual purpose of those goods into account. It is understandable that God has taken those goods from men and he through it gives increased possibility to the spiritual still in matter to serve to redeem itself. And at the same time he puts pressure on men to participate in the work of redemption by him letting him get into situations of trouble, which are to drive him to carry out material reshaping, to make unusable matter again usable. Uncountable possibilities are given to man to be active in creating and forming in times where every possession has been destroyed, and these possibilities he is to exhaust, so that it brings a blessing to him and to the spiritual in matter, so that eager activity starts everywhere. For it alone is redeeming and increases the degree of maturity of the spiritual, while inactivity means a standstill of the development of the spiritual and will never find the approval of God. The gathering of earthly goods will only then be blessed when an increased activity comes out of it, when all spiritual bound in it is allowed to an activity, which is in accordance with its purpose Ė when the material goods find that use, which is in accordance with their purpose. And for that men must help, because the spiritual in matter is mostly dependent on the help of man insofar, as he must assign the purpose to it or must let new creations come into being through his will and his life power, where the possibilities to serve have been taken from the spiritual. And that is why the work of eager hands is of a great blessing, that is why decreased material possession will always drive to busier activity and this will be of greatest advantage for both the spiritual in matter as well as also for man himself, because the process of redemption of all spiritual can only take its progress, when serving is made possible for it and can through this again and again overcome the outer form, until it, as man, can itself carry out serving activity and can redeem itself finally through this. Amen. B.D. NR. 3993.


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