The spirit in man turns away from the world.

God as instructor - Comment on 2015 November 4

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Then the connection with the world is still too great and this is the hindrance, which must first be removed when man wants to find me and hear my voice. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


God as instructor. He lets himself be found.

28. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3987.

Who seeks me in thoughts, him I approach, and intervene in his thoughts, i.e., the power of my spirit connects itself with the spirit spark in man, and therefore the union with me is established for the duration of his mental activity, which aims at me. And then the thinking of man will be right because my spirit arranges and directs it. And so all questions can be asked mentally, may it be that the man desires answers for him alone or has also conversations with fellowmen the right answer will come to them because I myself stay as instructor with those who seek me. But how far the striving for me possesses the man, that I truly know best, and that is why I give to every man differently, according to his desire and the fulfilment of the conditions, which make the work of my spirit possible. And often it will seem as if I give to men unjustly when the striving of one is not noticeable outwardly to fellowman. But who withdraws into quietness, he does not need to make a show of his striving, but he finds the connection with me easier, and he can therefore be a more eager learner for me, while the fellowman does not succeed in turning to the inside, because he does not practise and is therefore also not able to hear my soft voice. Then the connection with the world is still too great and this is the hindrance, which must first be removed when man wants to find me and hear my voice. The spirit in man turns away from the world; it only seeks the connection with the father spirit. But that is why I approach everyone whose heart desires me, and let myself be found by everyone who seeks me because who seeks me, he also has love in himself, and therefore he longs for me, the original source of love. And he will also reach his destination, to be united with me for ever, because who lives in love, he is in me, and I am in him. And he will also feel me as present because I let myself be found by him who seeks me. Therefore he will also be aware of my presence and therefore already happy on earth. The world can now offer nothing to him any longer because his desire is meant for other goods, gifts, which my love offers to him through words, which he will hear mentally or sounding and which are the most delicious for him what he can receive on earth, because they come out of the spiritual kingdom, because it is my voice, which he hears, the voice of the father, who speaks to his child. Who lives in love on earth, he is also the happiest creature, because he never ever needs to miss me, because I radiate my love power through him, and he receives rich knowledge. The spirit in him can now express itself, and it will also be heard and understood, and his soul will unite itself with the spirit and also make the body willing that also its substances spiritualize themselves, as long as it is the cover of the soul on earth. But I draw everything to me what becomes like me by forming itself to love. There is now no longer separation, no cleft from man to me, when he lives in love. Then I am close to him and any time reachable for him; then he can hear my word always and continuously; he can commune with me when only he withdraws into his chamber when he thinks in peace and quiet and listens to my voice. He now no longer needs to seek me because he has found me, and he now no longer goes away from me because my nearness makes him happy, because my word is highest happiness for him, because he is full of power and light, which flow over to him and testify to my presence. Seek, and ye shall find knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Commune with me mentally, and you will hear my reply; you will mature and safely reach the destination, for the unification with me in happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3987.


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