State of perfection.

Light and power fullness - Comment on 2015 October 25 (3)

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Power and light go out from God. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


State of perfection - Light and power fullness.

16. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3978.

In the state of perfection there is no lack of power and light, i.e., for the being every act is executable and all knowledge belongs to it, therefore it is neither limited in its power nor in its wisdom. And this means a working according to the will of God, because wisdom can acknowledge nothing else than Godís will and therefore uses the power according to its determination. Power and light fullness is therefore the aim, which is to be striven for for eternity. Power and light go out from God and power and light fullness means tightest God-closeness, therefore a God-like state, a becoming like his being, which is love in itself. And therefore that, what is perfect, must also bear deepest love in itself; love must first have formed the being for the reception of light and power Ė only in the state of love can the being possess divine power and deep knowledge. And therefore emerges from this that you men also cannot get introduced to the last knowledge as long as you have not completely become love, that you therefore will never on earth penetrate into everything, what appears to you worth of knowing, although this lies within the bounds of possibility, which presupposes an exceedingly intimate connection with God and fullest absorption in his will. But as long as man stays on earth, the earth also still keeps him bound, and God in his love takes this state also into account, giving power and light to man always so as it is of advantage for him bodily and spiritually. For before a being is not perfect, it would abuse light and power as soon as these exceed its degree of maturity. Man would not know what to do with a knowledge that outshines his degree of maturity or not utilize it according to the will of God, and therefore it would also not make him happy, rather confuse his thoughts, but on the other side he will receive information about which he desires information, because his desire for it is decisive, whether God gives him information through his spirit. And his desire will always be according to his love activity and willingness. But there is also a knowledge, which uncovers things, which are still completely hidden to man; there are wisdoms, which reveal Godís greatness and magnificence and which are reserved for the army of happy spirits, which stay in Godís nearness; there is a knowledge which makes infinitely happy and towards which all what is full of light aims at, which the intellect of men on earth is not able to grasp; a knowledge, which also requires an excess of power to be utilized in accordance of the will of God. And therefore it requires an exceedingly high degree of maturity, which you men on earth hardly reach. And so your knowledge on earth therefore depends on your soul maturity, and you have to continuously strive for to increase it to strengthen the light and power supply, and you must know that you determine the knowledge yourselves which is offered to you; that there are certainly no boundaries as far as God is concerned, but that you set the boundary yourselves, which is the measure of perfection of your soul. Strive for becoming perfect, and more and more new areas are being opened to you, however always appropriately to your earthly capacity, which you indeed can increase continuously through formation to love, because love is first precondition for the reception of light and power in all fullness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3978.


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