A completely new creation will arise.

Growing and passing - Comment on 2015 October 22 (2)

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The occurrence of the new creation will therefore be accomplished in the shortest of time. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Development of Beingness. Growing and passing.

7. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3970.

It is a considerable progress in the spiritual development of the beingness to be redeemed from the solid form, the hard material, and it means a new phase with easier conditions than so far. Because now the beingness takes up a stage where it can get active so that this is already apparent to the human eye when also now still different degrees of development also cause different activities; however the state of inactivity is overcome and the being can serve in accordance with its purpose. And now it also passes through the course of various creations in always shorter periods of time, it does not need a certain form for such a long time and it can with every change unite with other beingness to carry out in the following form an always more apparent activity. And that is the explanation for the constant birth and death of the creations of nature. And the now forthcoming total dissolving of all creation on earth results in the liberation of all the bound spiritual for the time being so that it gets into a state where every possibility to serve is taken away from it and that it perceives this state as agony because it is not yet perfect, possessing power and the ability to use it according to its will. It is still robbed of its strength and now on top of that also feels robbed of the vitality that made a little activity possible. And this spiritual raves therefore in an unimaginable way which expresses itself in enormous storms until it is banished again by the will of God into new forms. The occurrence of the new creation will therefore be accomplished in the shortest of time so that the released spiritual can continue with its interrupted course of development according to its destiny and no human eye will be able to observe this process that therefore also does not take a long time but through the might and power and will of God requires only a moment and a completely new creation will arise that is testimony to his strength and glory for all generations that will now inhabit the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3970.


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