And the test of faith will be hard, but inevitable. Only few will pass it.

Faith struggle last phase - Comment on 2015 October 20

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And this last fight is of greatest importance, because it is a signal for the overthrow of my opponent, for the binding of him for a long time. Read more:

An announcement by Bertha Dudde:


Faith struggle last phase.

2. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3967.

And when the bulwark of faith will be rattled at, the time of the end is come and on every day the Day of judgement is to be expected. The faith struggle will be waged in a form that you men can recognize unmistakeably which hour has come, because it is a visible action against everything what is for me and testifies to me. It will be a fight, which has nothing else as aim than to undermine the knowledge about me as the eternal power of creation, as creator and sustainer of all things, and take from men all faith in a most perfect being, in a power, which is unsurpassable in its wisdom and power. And this last fight is of greatest importance, because it is a signal for the overthrow of my opponent, for the binding of him for a long time. For he now oversteps the boundaries, which I have set for him; he seeks to completely eliminate me and to swing himself upon the throne, to make through this the redemption of the still unfree spiritual impossible, which can take place only, when man strives towards me in free will. But for this the knowledge about my existence is absolutely necessary for him, because when he is to choose his lord, he must get to know him and have the possibility for it. But this possibility my opponent seeks to take away from men, by him raging in the world that he influences men mentally, to reject me, i.e., to declare me as not existing and therefore to enormously widen the gulf, which already exists between man and me. But my opponent is not entitled to this right, and therefore I withdraw his strength and power from him for a long time, by me binding him and with him that spiritual on earth that has become a slave to him, which was open to his influence and has separated itself from me out of free will. But first I let him rage, so that his plan is visible to all, so that they themselves are to take a stand on me or on my opponent, when they are put before the last decision. And the test of faith will be hard, but inevitable. Only few will pass it, and indeed only, who are instructed in pure truth and have recognized me as loving father, as wise creator and powerful driver of the universe. These will not become shaky, but stand fast in the face of all demands of the world, to confess or to reject me. But it will become difficulty also for these because Satan works with all conceivable means to push away from me those who are mine. With cunning and violence a separation from me will be tried to be reached, and my opponent will find support from all sides because men themselves no longer want to be under a higher power; they believe to be able to free themselves from it when they reject it, and do not consider that they have to give account on the day of judgment before this power. But who has penetrated into truth, who has been instructed through his spirit, he will also be able to follow the faith struggle and through the agreement of it with my predictions recognize the truth of my word, and he stands firm because he fights with me in full consciousness of my leadership, my protection and my victory over Satan. Nevertheless he will also have to fight himself with the sword of the mouth; he will have to defend himself against all attacks of the enemy, but the shield of faith will cover him, and his soul will emerge undamaged from the last fight. But who does not stand in full truth, he will not pass, but all too easily go over to the camp of the enemy; he will become shaky in faith because he lacks knowledge, which gives him explanation for everything, what - as apparently not of divine origin - is cause to doubts or unbelief. Who stands in knowledge about pure truth, he also recognizes the context of all happenings with the development of all creatures, the ignorant however lacks knowledge, conviction and therefore also faith. And that is why constant attention of the servants on earth, who work in the last time on my instructions, is to impart the right knowledge to men about the meaning and purpose of creation and the task of man on earth; they are to explain the contexts to them and constantly work towards that my will is announced to them, because then they will mature in knowledge, and their faith will become strong and unshakable, and they will also emerge as victors from the last fight of faith on the day of judgement. Amen. B.D. NR. 3967.


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