Man must listen to the inside.

The thinking and wanting of the soul - Comment on 2015 October 17

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First therefore the thinking and the wanting of man must be directed towards his inner life; he must want to give to the soul and not to the body. Read more:

An announcement by Bertha Dudde follows, which very well describes the transformation of the soul and of the body through the spirit. It is therefore also especially about, that the soul is not controlled by the body, but that the soul lets itself be controlled by the spirit and then also spiritualizes the body.

This message, and particularly the heading, marks the main activity of the soul: thinking and wanting.


Direction of the thinking and wanting of the soul. Spirit and body.

26. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3963.

The less resistance the soul puts up against the spirit in itself, the more obviously it can express itself, and the clearer is its voice for man, because then the soul also determines the bodily senses and organs to its functions, which then correspond to the influence of the spirit. Therefore the thinking and the wanting of man must first refer to the inner life, so that the spirit in man can become effective. And so a man can never be filled by the spirit of God whose thinking and wanting is predominantly meant for the preservation and the life of pleasure of the body. Because then neither the soul is able to hear the voice of the spirit in itself nor could it impart spiritual good to the intellectual organs, because he would likewise be unable to absorb it. And so the earnest will to be instructed by the spirit in itself is the first precondition that it expresses itself, because the will goes out from the soul and can be meant for the spirit or the body. And the will determines the thoughts, which however then go out from the spirit in man, as soon as the work has been made possible to it. But then man can completely leave himself to its influence; he will always think and act right when he fulfils the conditions, which allow the work of the spirit. First therefore the thinking and the wanting of man must be directed towards his inner life; he must want to give to the soul and not to the body. In addition he must realize that he has to fulfil a task on earth; he must realize that he must make the divine love commandment to his guiding line of his walk of life to fulfil the will of God; he must further desire the purest truth and seek such inwardly – he must listen to the inside what God as giver of truth imparts to him through his spirit. He must ask for his loving instruction, otherwise the most delicious gift of God is withheld from him, because he does not appreciate it accordingly. And therefore the soul must always work on itself, i.e., its thinking, feeling and wanting conform completely to the will of God and so form itself to the receiving vessel of the divine spirit, who can then work unlimitedly in it. The process in itself is a power transmission out of the spiritual kingdom, i.e., God himself directs his radiation into the heart of man, who therefore now holds divine things in himself, which must appear in the form of knowledge, of deepest wisdom, therefore cognition full of light. The state of knowledge is already assimilation to the eternal divinity, which is in itself pure light and power. Light will always flow around men, in whom the divine spirit can work, but only recognizable to him who is able to see spiritually, while the bodily eye perceives nothing special, only from the external effects, from the increased knowledge, can man infer divine spiritual work from. But when light flows around a man, then he is also light bearer himself; he has become a power station as it were standing in connection with the spiritual world, which can now again on its part emit and therefore pass on the divine radiation there, where it is received without resistance. Every power and light supply needs the willingness of the receiver. The smallest resistance however prevents it; but resistance is opposed with thinking and wanting – through a turning away of the soul from the spirit in it and a turning towards the body, i.e. an accepting of its wishes and desires. Then the soul unites with the body, instead of establishing the unification with the spirit in it according to its task, which is then seeing to a complete unification with the father spirit from eternity. Therefore it is left to the soul in which direction it turns; it always finds support from the spirit side, however never from the body side. This one continuously demands, while that one gives and as only service in return demands giving up of resistance, to be able to have an unhindered effect, i.e., to show its influence upon the soul to its best and complete advantage. When the soul with the help of the spirit succeeds to also make the body being inclined to do its wishes, then also the spiritualization of the body is guaranteed, i.e., its material substances also enter into the state that allows radiation through light, every resistance is given up, and this results in that the soul hears the voice of the spirit in it in all clarity and can also report it to the bodily ear audibly that therefore man hears the divine voice sounding in him and stands in the brightest light, i.e. is filled with the deepest knowledge, because God’s love power flows through him in all fullness, because the unification of the spirit in man with the spirit of the father from eternity has taken place and the soul has matured and can enter as light being into the spiritual kingdom to undreamt-of happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 3963.


I now add an example in which it is shown how a man can take stock of himself and his attitudes:


[GGJ.11_61,6] As soon as it became known that I appeared again openly, and Lazarus as well, then also an extremely big crowd of Jews from Jerusalem occurred, and even more such from other parts of the country who had come because of the Feast in Jerusalem. Since his resurrection Lazarus had lived a very secluded and quiet, peaceful, inner life, as a result of which he far more recognized me than earlier and now felt no doubts at all or lack of clarity over my acting and doing, as well as teaching, as also my person. The Jews were mostly not from this region but heard about the miracle and about Me and they came to see us – often out of curiosity but also for purer reasons. All those of the Jewish people, who were to a certain extent receptive for what is good, came in that time near to Me so that the souls could be enlightened. And so My disciples and I were constantly busy to refresh those who were crowding together and whose soul was thirsty.

Living a very secluded and quiet, peaceful, inner life.

As a result recognizing Jesus far more than earlier.

Feeling no doubts at all or lack of clarity over the acting and doing of Jesus, as well as his teaching, as also his person.


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