Ezekiel and Daniel.

Have two great prophecies now started simultaneously? - Comment on 2015 October 3

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Russia and Iran. Read more:

On the 1st of September 2015 we had this entry: 2015 Sep 01 – Disgrace for Obama; Russia intervenes in Syria.

On that day the first news appeared about a Russian air force base near Damascus and that Russia surprisingly starts an offensive in Syria to fight IS. And that news came from reports of Israeli media.

And yesterday, on the 2nd of October 2105, we had the entry 2015 Oct 02 – Assad allies, including Iranians, prepare ground attack in Syria: sources and there it was reported that hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria in the last 10 days and will soon join government forces and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies in a major ground offensive backed by Russian air strikes.

Now this reminds one of what Daniel 8:4 says that Iran, or Persia, or the ram, charges toward the west.

The following picture gives an idea of the geographic situation:

Ezekiel and Daniel

Now Syria lies to the west of Iran. Between these two countries is Iraq and Iraq is on friendly terms with Iran and Iranian troops are already in Iraq fighting IS. So that they are now also going to fight directly in Syria seems to be a natural consequence and the trigger was probably the development of Russia also getting directly involved in Syria.

Daniel says that the ram will then also charge toward the north and the south. To the north of Iran is Azerbaijan, a country that has Russia as neighbour on its northern border and is therefore the only country that prevents a direct link between Russia and Iran. This link is between the Black See and the Caspian See. Azerbaijan is on the western shore of the Caspian See.

And the relationship between Azerbaijan and Iran is not too good and therefore an attack against Azerbaijan seems possible.

And to the south of Iran is, among others, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Saudi Arabia considers Iran to be a big threat to them and the recent event in Mecca highlights this animosity. And the insurgents in Yemen are supported by Iran and it is imaginable that Iran would come to their assistance directly. And Iran considers Saudi Arabia to be its enemy because it fights against the forces in Yemen that are supported by Iran and especially it supports troops that fight against Syria.

So such a threefold offensive from Iran toward the west, the north and the south is something that could happen.

The destabilising politics of the American administration seems to have brought the desired results. The withdrawal of American troops from Iraq was considered by several observers as being a political move that would completely destabilize that country and that region. If Obama succeeds in provoking Iran to start such an offensive then he has a good chance to play the world saviour and defeat that country as it is predicted by Daniel in Daniel 8:5.

Now Russia is predicted to be drawn directly by God into that region and that is described in Ezekiel chapter 38: Prophecy against Gog. God will put hooks into the mouth of Gog and turn him around and bring him out with his whole army. And Persia, Iran, will be with them, Ezekiel 38:5.

It could be that God used Obama to put hooks into the mouth of Russia. In the year 2013 happened Edward Snowden und the following year, 2014, Obama put pressure on Russia because that country did not want to hand over Snowden to Obama and now, this year, Russia is asserting itself and shows Obama that it is quite able to counter the politics of Obama.

So this whole scenario prophesied by Ezekiel and Daniel is possible today and might occur. All these countries exist again today and their political relations are not antagonistic to the events forecast.

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Now Obama’s term of office is supposed to end on the 20th of January 2017 and that means he will probably me more than a year still in the White House and so many things can still happen in this time. But even if he does not achieve his aims while in the position as president, there still exist the possibility that he becomes again a world leader after these eight years as a leader of America.

Bertha Dudde’s prophecy says that the expected antichrist is a personality that is striving for supremacy and that it will be granted to him and that they all will acknowledge him. See
B.D. NR. 4029 and
2008 Nov 07 – The supremacy that the expected antichrist is striving for will be granted to him.

Obama has also been quite successful in getting Iran to believe that he, Obama, is not a thread to them and that when Iran gets too bold, would be punished by America. So Obama might be successful in provoking Iran.


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