Agony and darkness.

Spiritual death - Comment on 2015 September 9

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An announcement via Bertha Dudde:


Spiritual death agony and darkness. Help and mercy of God.

25. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3962.

In the night of death the spiritual will have to languish, which resisted me in free will, which rejected my love and made no arrangements to redeem itself. It does not strive for life, but spiritual death, and therefore it sank into the state of deepest darkness, night closed in upon the spiritual, and this will keep it imprisoned as long as my love and favour again supplies it with a small glimmer of light, to awaken the desire for light in the spiritual. The night of death will be very painful because the spiritual has already stood in the light insofar as it could receive instructions in the stage as man, that it could think and judge. However it takes nothing over of the knowledge into the night, but the darkness tortures the entity exceedingly. But only through a state of agony can it be brought to a change of its will, otherwise the being would hold out for ever in the unredeemed state and would never ever strive up. It is a sleep of death, which means no rest at all for the spiritual, but only incessant agony, impenetrable darkness and complete lack of power, and the being cannot flee from this state because it does not muster the will for this. It is totally weakened, and as long as no help is brought to the spiritual through the supply of power, its state it hopeless it is darkest night; it is a sleep of death of that what lived before in power and partial knowledge. But in a period of time determined by the being itself, it will again enliven itself; it will be incited to activity through the supply of light and power; it will exchange the dark night with small dawning because my love and mercy lets nothing suffer for ever, but seeks to bring help in trouble to the deeply fallen and dwelling in darkness. And therefore also the now coming night will one day give way to a morning; a time will come where matter releases the spiritual banished in it and it can again start the walk of ascent. Then the dark night will be broken through; then a tiny ray of light will touch the spiritual and incite it to activity; then it will wake up out of the sleep of death and be given back to life, although it is still not aware of it because the state of recognition is only reached in the last stage because only then the being learns to grasp and comprehend what its actual purpose is. Only then it will become day in it, and this day it can itself form to one full of light and brightly shining, but as it also can pass by the spiritual incorporated as man just in the light of dawn, of the sun of the spirit, according to its will. But once day has dawned the possibility also exists that the sun of the spirit radiates through it, that therefore the spiritual finds complete redemption, that it can enter the kingdom of light and remains full of light in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3962.


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