Obama and his vassal Merkel.

Angela Merkel on her way to the abyss - Comment on 2015 August 5

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Merkel, Obama’s secretary of agitation and propaganda. Read more:

We had already a webpage with this title, 2014 Apr 09 - Angela Merkel on her way to the abyss, and there were listed links to 33 webpages, which brought material about Angela Merkel, which dealt with her relation to Obama.

This webpage is now a continuation of this series and therefore brings further links to webpages about Merkel.

But first pictures:


Cartoon Steinmeier


Cartoon Merkel

"And don't forget dictators will never have success!"

"Now don't hide your light under a bushel!"


Karikatur Lauschangriff

“Have you cracked the mobile phones of Hollande and Merkel?”

“Aye aye, Sir – clear for drone attack!!”


And now to the continuation of the links to the webpages:

2014 Apr 14 - Merkel blames Russia for unrest

It is evident now that the entire population of eastern Ukraine also claims it does not accept this new government.
2014 Apr 14 (2) - EU aggravated Ukrainian crisis by legitimizing regime change
One should draw the line between the EU policy and the one of President Obama, because his policy runs counter to European interests.

Sigmar Gabriel, the deputy of Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, called Obama a thief last year and this year he appears on a television show and pays tribute to Obama.
2014 Apr 18 - Sigmar Gabriel - the hypocrite
The vice-chancellor of the German republic can or will not guarantee the safety of a witness who has done Germany more than a gigantic service.

Obama’s politics have something to do with everyone who opposes him.
2014 Apr 20 (2) - The Obama strategy
If someone does not do what Obama wants, then this person has to be eliminated.

Obama’s system of intimidation.
2014 Apr 21 (2) - The autocratic rule of Obama
The autocratic rule of Obama has now really started and every resistance against his system will be severely punished.

Cutting off economic and political ties – The twentieth of April is again celebrated.
2014 Apr 22 - John prophesied it and Obama does it
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.



Obama’s final solution of the Russian question.
2014 Apr 25 - On his 125th birthday Adolf Hitler fully exists again
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

New sanctions against Russia: Obama and Merkel build up threatening backdrop
2014 Apr 26 - Ukraine: Merkel and Obama threaten Russia with new sanctions

Obama wants to avoid the perception that the U.S. is trying to wrest Ukraine from Moscow
2014 Apr 27 - Obama: World must unite to disapprove of Russian actions in Ukraine

Obama admits defeat.
2014 Apr 27 (2) - Obama: The U.S. is not trying to pull Ukraine out of his orbit
Obama seems to be of the opinion that he cannot win the entire Ukraine and that a military confrontation with Russia is too risky and so he gives in.

It cannot be that Merkel in an independent initiative draws Germany into a war.
2014 Apr 27 (3) - Germany: Pro-Russian attitude of the Left Group
Different Left deputies have criticised the policy of the federal government and demanded more understanding for Russian positions.

Merkel did not resist the devil and now is his slave. She has sold her soul and her country.
2014 Apr 30 - Merkel‘s Ukraine shambles
Instead of encouraging the Ukraine to freely decide whether this country wanted to turn more towards Russia or accept the offer of the EU, Merkel acted as godmother of a putsch and caused a shambles, which now lies at her feet.

Germany does not want to upset Obama.
2014 May 01 - The Obamafication of Germany
Obama shows the world who is really in charge in Germany.

The western powers are aggressors.
2014 May 02 (2) - The Neue Zürcher Zeitung has become the first address for American propaganda in Switzerland
The only escalation driver is the USA.

The parallels between Hitler’s Gauleiter Erich Koch and Obama’s Gauleiter Angela Merkel are quite remarkable.
2014 May 04 - Merkel, Obama’s Gauleiter for the East
Angela Merkel was highly furious about the inability of the Soviet Führers in keeping their Soviet empire together and had to experience and observed the reasons for this highly personally and knows exactly where all the mistakes were made, and this will not happen to her.

The Messiah strategy.
2014 May 06 (2) - Why is the concept of Obama so successful?
Obama promises heaven on earth for the people without requesting anything the people would have to give up.

Where are your European and American values when mass murders happened in Odessa and Kiev under the eyes of millions of TV viewers?
2014 May 10 - German head of government put in one line with Adolf Hitler
Odessa, where in the best traditions of Auschwitz the spiritual successors of Ms Merkel’s countrymen from the past century have burnt people. Or Sloviansk where the Kiev gangs prepare a humanitarian disaster with the blessing of the EU and Germany.

Germans courageously fight past dictatorships.
2014 May 12 - The third German dictatorship
German people are very brave when it comes to fight dictatorships. But this of course only applies to dictatorships of the past.


Minister of the chancellery: "We will not allow it that Mr Snowden comes to Germany, gets high jacked here by the NSA, kidnapped to the USA and there sentenced to death, and then because of a wrong poison mixture only dies in great pain after 24 minutes!!"


Merkel Obama

Obama to Merkel: "How they snoop about, collect data, and spy us out – that does not work at all!! Tell them this from the NSA investigation committee!"


Buchanan: America is in the process of cultural decline.
2014 May 13 - Obama‘s America is the centre of evil in the world
This former KGB officer is no godless communist but a believing Christian who fights against western decadence. President Reagan once called the Soviet Union a centre of evil in the world. President Putin indicated that Obama’s America could earn this title in the 21st century.

Snowden says US violating rights of all Germans.
2014 May 28 - The German nation has been betrayed and sold
Germany has employed the same surveillance methods as Washington. Germany's foreign intelligence agency, the BND, uses the same spying techniques as the NSA. The constitutional rights of every German citizen had been violated.

The continued, radical and anti-democratic destruction of basic rights.
2014 Jun 05 - Total surveillance of all citizens
The federal government refuses protection of the citizens from spying out in the internet. Even more: It is eagerly involved in the business of mass surveillance.

Merkel is the new centre of world politics.
2014 Jun 08 (3) - Merkel’s ascent
Angela Merkel’s foreign-policy influence has increased so much as never before.

Obama expands his interest into south-east Asia.
2014 Jun 10 (2) - Obama’s Gauleiter in Asia
Obama administration is intrigued by Tony Abbott and his work in Asia.

The secret of a modern dictatorship is information control.
2014 Jun 12 - What is the secret of a modern dictatorship?
The Germans had the Stasi. They had the Nazis. They know what surveillance can mean and how important a free press is and protected sources which supply information to them.

Tony Abbott, Australia’s Prime Minister, Obama’s Gauleiter for Asia/Australia.
2014 Jun 14 (2) - He that winketh with the eyes worketh evil
The Führer Obama has officially installed Tony Abbott as Gauleiter for Asia/Australia. So the situation is now a complete one. Gauleiter Merkel is responsible for Europe/Africa and Abbott for the western part of the Pacific Rim.

Tony Abbott Wink


Congress elections – Barack Obama’s last chance.
2014 Nov 03 - The Obama disaster
Obama before the US Congress election in the current of unpopularity.


TV news: "Dispute ended! Russia supplies gas to the Ukraine!"

Reaction of viewer: "A completely wicked provocation by Putin! Wants to destroy for us our concept of the enemy!"


An Obama caricature.
2014 Dec 13 - The torturer
The symbol of death.


The torturer: "We no longer torture and torment the terror suspects …"

The torturer: "We grant them death benefit!"


Peace with Russia.
2014 Dec 25 - Warmonger
Away with the warmonger government! Germany out of NATO!


Picture: Peace with Russia.
Caption: "Peace with Russia" demands one placard at a demonstration in Berlin. As if anybody in the West wants war!



Picture: Away with the warmonger government! Germany out of NATO!
Caption: Out of Nato – that’s all we need! At the Pegida demonstration in Dresden on 15th December 2014.


Merkel – the godmother of the putsch in Kiev, 2013.
2015 Jan 07 (2) - Merkel – Obama’s Gauleiter for Europe - and the Ukraine
Merkel – bringing down the economy of Russia, 2014.

On no account will a slave be outraged against his slave master.
2015 Jan 09 (2) - Outrage against intimidation
One is outraged against intimidation when one is still free. The free man is also then still outraged against intimidation when he is no longer free. The slave is outraged against intimidation only then when no danger exists for him from it. On no account will he be outraged against his slave master.

Nato is a mere instrument for the enforcement of American interests, worldwide interventionism is its assignment.
2015 Jan 12 - America has started erecting a mega imperium
The United Nations are to be marginalized so far that as soon as possible Nato, dominated by the USA, can set it itself at the global place of the United Nations.


AMI GO HOME       END OF OCCUPATION       GET OUT OF NATO       USA – International peoples murder centre

Pegida demo on the 5.1.2015



Away with Mrs Merkel!

Pegida demo on the 5.1.2015


The last resistance against Merkel is now gone.
2015 Jan 19 - Last resistance against Merkel silenced
With reference to the possibility of a terror attack, demonstrations are forbidden to everyone’s satisfaction.

Becoming world leader.
2015 Jan 20 - Obama’s future
This could be the fulfilment of the prophecy that states that when information reaches us about the passing away of an earthly ruler, then we have arrived at that point in time that we can call the beginning of the end.

Merkel’s role in Ukraine peace deal puts her ahead of the rest, even Barack Obama.
2015 Feb 13 - Merkel emerges as pre-eminent leader
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has emerged this week ever more strongly, not only as the leader of Europe but also, it seems, of the West.

Merkel Minsk

Merkel Minsk 2


Such pictures indicate that the Germans feel directly or indirectly to live now in a dictatorship.
2015 Mär 10 - Germany, Obama‘s vassal state
The direct slave master is Obama’s Gauleiter for Europe, Ms Merkel. And the connection between Obama’s America and Merkel’s Germany is also very nicely expressed in these pictures.

Merkel Euro

Pegida demonstration on Monday: Shrill sound, more participants


EU Diktatur




Easter marches.
2015 Apr 05 - For peace - and against Nato
Above all they threw their weight behind a peaceful dialogue with Russia in the Ukraine crisis and called upon Nato to refrain from a deployment in the crisis region.


In Berlin demonstrators demanded among other things a peaceful dialogue with Russia


Nato No

US forces


Before the headquarters of the United States Forces Europe (Eucom) in Stuttgart-Vaihingen about 400 people gathered on Saturday according to the organizers.


Obama‘s Gauleiter in Europe
Political culture. Who lies once
2015 Apr 30 - Spying out friends in Brussels and Paris: Angela Merkel doesn’t not have much room for manoeuvre

A truth the Germans are ashamed of.
2015 May 01 - The deception and self-deception of Germans
In the past they enthusiastically rushed along with Hitler and Stalin, and now they do the same with Obama.

Civil rights
List with NSA search terms
2015 May 06 (2) - Merkel must ask USA for permission whether she is allowed to inform Bundestag

Angela Merkel must decide: Does she follow the wishes of Barack Obama or does she listen to the voice of the people in Germany?
2015 May 07 - Dependent on the USA: Merkel loses her instinct for opinion of people

BND affair
2015 May 08 (2) - Merkel loses position as most popular politician
The BND affair makes Germans furious

Helpless to subservient
2015 May 10 - Disgrace for Merkel: US government exposes chancellor with embarrassing emails
The publicly taking apart of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel gathers speed.

NSA surveillance
2015 May 10 (6) - No-spy agreement: SPD deputy accuses office of the chancellor of deception
Lie over no-spy agreement: SPD demands explanation from office of the chancellor

2015 May 12 (2) - Pegida
Bundes Ferkel


Foreign policy
SPD Secretary General Yasmin Fahimi does not want that Germany has to beg with the Americans for information.
Fahimi attacks Merkel
2015 May 17 - SPD: "We cannot make ourselves to vassals of the USA"

Gabriel lifts the arm for striking against Merkel
2015 May 18 - BND spy affair: Pressure on Chancellor Merkel grows
SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel has intensified the emphasis against Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in the spy affair about the US secret service NSA and the BDN.

2015 May 20 - Opinion poll: BND affair costs Merkel trust of voters
The Union now also gets under pressure from the sides of the voters.

Oettinger rushes ahead
2015 May 24 - EU commission demands from Merkel information of spy affair
Die Union gerät in der BND-Affäre jetzt auch von Seiten der Wähler unter Druck.

Geo politics
The Americans want a reliable alliance and now increase the pressure on the German federal chancellor.
2015 May 24 (2) - USA secret service increases pressure on Merkel and threaten with love withdrawal

Embarrassing for Merkel
2015 May 29 - Germany has also spied on Belgium and the Netherlands for the USA

Cold war
SPD for return to G8
2015 Jun 04 - Merkel remains on USA course and wants to carry on isolating Russia
Angela Merkel stops attempt of Steinmeier, to again fetch Russia to the table

The USA secret service NSA bugs the mobile phone of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German universities research for the USA secret services. Nevertheless the EU and the federal government want to intensify the security cooperation with the USA.
2015 Jun 04 (2) - EU wants to make NSA to be guard of European security

Geo politics
Obama with the natives
2015 Jun 7 - Summit in Elmau: Merkel makes the total kotow before the USA
The summit in Elmau starts with a number of embarrassments

As citizens you have failed.
2015 Jun 11 - The Germans, a people of helpless slaves

He calls the American Defence Minister Carter "war minister."
2015 Jun 23 - US imperialism
The Leftist politician Oskar Lafontaine has criticised the Ukraine politics of the USA with harsh words. He calls upon the Europeans to oppose the USA.

Debt crisis
Vote in Bundestag
2015 Jul 17 - A fifth of CDU/CSU parliamentary party votes against Greece credits
65 CDU/CSU members refuse to accept Merkel!

Secret services
What Angela Merkel and Mario Draghi discuss, the US secret services want best of all to know before.
The art of manipulation
2015 Aug 3 - US government collects data to control Euro politicians
US interests are to be asserted


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