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Why animals know so much more than we do - Comment on 2015 July 24

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Souls of animals and plants however are not severely separated from the universal godly life in space. Read more:

More than two weeks ago we had 2015 Jul 07 – The scienctists and the Big Bang and today I want to go into a few more details of some of the verses given there.

First I want to repeat the relevant verses:


[1] However, man who is gifted with an individual life-consciousness considers the endless space of creation and the unknown countless things which it contains as dumb, dead and without intelligence. Why this seems to be like that to man has a wise reason, which is that his life-consciousness must acquire the full godlike life’s independence. For that, by My will, man is completely separated from the universal life-consciousness with its endless and highest intelligence, so that the life-consciousness of man would find itself in it and by that, as if by the external revealed way, he also would develop and strengthen himself for its eternal independent existence.

[2] However, as long as man tries to acquire his life’s independence by himself he hardly has any notion that he is completely surrounded by sheer life and the highest life’s intelligence and is also – as far as his body is concerned – permeated by it. Otherwise he would in fact not exist at all. However, when he is ready for it according to God’s revealed will, because his inner spirit has completely permeated him, then the whole person is in free contact with the highest life and its enlightened intelligence in the universal infinity of God, without losing his individuality and personality by that. Then he discovers no more a dead and dumb space or dead stones, but then for him everything becomes life and light and intelligence that is aware of itself.

[3] The fact that this is so is in the first place proven to you by My omniscience that has been tried by you many times. Indeed, how could I know endlessly many and all things if the space between Me – that means My individual-personal Being – and for instance the sun or another still much further distanced object, would be without life and intelligence? And secondly, it is also proven by the wisdom of a lot of people who – without leaving their place – know many things concerning something that exists on another place at a great distance and how and what happens to it, or what will happen in the future.

[4] The 7 Egyptians are a vivid example of it. Who informed them that I was here? By this great and universal intelligence they became aware of it in themselves, as well as the way that guided them to this place. If the space between here and Upper-Egypt would be without intelligence, then they could impossibly know what is and what happens here.

[5] The soul of a human being is in his body only separated by a very thin wall that is in no way connected with the universal life’s intelligence, and in his natural condition this is sufficient for him to have mostly no idea of what is and what happens close by, as if it were behind his back. And he does not even understand 1.000 times a 1.000th part of what is happening before his eyes. All this is because of the very thin separating wall mentioned before, that exists between his particular and the universal endless spatial life. If this separating wall would be very impenetrable and extensive, what would such an enormously isolated soul still know of what is existing around him on all sides?

[6] However, the fact that a soul – for reasons only known to Me – is separated by a stronger and denser wall of separation from the universal supreme intelligent godly life, you very well can see with the mentally deficient, the dumb and the socalled stupid. Such a soul is thus only capable of a very poor development or sometimes even not at all.

[7] Why also this is allowed I know very well, and some of My old disciples know it partially also. The rest of you however will come to know it later.

[8] Souls of animals and plants however are not severely separated from the universal godly life in space and are therefore capable, by their inner feeling to do that for which they are destined according to their capacity and arrangement. Every animal knows the food that is good for him and knows where to find it. He has his weapons and knows how to use them without any practice.

[9] So also, the spirit of the plants knows exactly that element in the water, in the air and in the earth that is beneficent for its specific individuality. The spirit of the nature soul of the oak will at no time draw the elements to itself that the cedar needs for its existence. Indeed, who tells a plant to draw only that element that is intended for it? Look, all this is the work of the highest and universal life’s intelligence of space. From this, every plant and animal soul draws a special necessary intelligence and is further active according to its instructions.

[10] But if this is so – something that every person can always clearly see from his experience – then it is obvious that the endless space and everything that it contains is one life and one supreme intelligence. The human soul can only see that unconsciously because he can create his lasting life’s independence by his separated intelligence, which is immense. This is something of which no soul of an animal or plant is capable of, and therefore it has no separated existence as such, but only a mixed and therefore, up to the human soul a countless times changeable existence of which it also cannot retain any memory, for after each mixture and changing of being it goes over to another sphere of intelligence.

[11] Even the soul of man as the highest empowered mixture of mineral, plant and animal souls, has no memory of his former forms of existence, because the specific soul elements in the earlier mentioned 3 kingdoms do not have a strictly separated intelligence, but for the benefit of their kind only a kind of intelligence that was taken from the universal godly life in space. Although in a human soul all the countless specific former parts of intelligence were united with each other, and this leads to the fact that the human soul can certainly recognize all things out of himself and can evaluate them intelligently, but a specific remembrance of the former levels of existence is not imaginable or possible because in the human soul there was only one human being that came into existence from the endless many separated souls.

[12] However, when man is completely permeated with the Spirit of life and light, he will perceive such an order in himself, just like I am eternally and always perceiving this in Myself, namely that everything exists out of Me and that I am everything in everything. And do tell me now, friend Lazarus, if you have well understood all that. And all of you are also free to give your ideas about it.”

So we men are isolated from the knowledge which surrounds us in all directions. There exists this dividing wall between us and the knowledge. And that is exactly for the reason so that we strive for it and find out about for ourselves, and for this reason the intellect and the heart was given to us to do this and to find out that this is our task here on this planet Earth, to find this out.

And with animals this is precisely not the case. With them this dividing wall does not exist.

And that is the explanation why animals can do things we cannot do.

A dog can see the fear of a man and man himself cannot see it. He cannot see his own fear and also not the fear of another man.

Rudolf Steiner was a seer and he could see fear and describes it in his book "Theosophy:"

Not only does the fundamental disposition of the soul show its color surgings in the aura, but also transient passions, moods and other inner experiences. A violent anger that breaks out suddenly creates red streams; feelings of injured dignity that expend themselves in a sudden welling up can be seen appearing in dark green clouds. Color phenomena, however, do not appear only in irregular cloud forms but also in distinctly defined, regularly shaped figures. If we observe a man under the influence of an attack of fear, we see this, for instance, in his aura from top to bottom as undulating stripes of blue color suffused with a bluish-red shimmer. When we observe a person who expects some particular event with anxiety, we can see red-blue stripes like rays constantly streaming through his aura from within outwards.

A migratory bird can see and navigate the whole geographic situation of its environment and also the changes and food and life conditions influenced by the seasons and with them decide regarding its travels, we have already problems imagining distances that lie outside of our visibility and must laboriously draw up maps and develop and apply GPS to orientate ourselves and to find our way.

And all this for the only reason because we have been gods, but failed miserably in this job, and now must free ourselves from this poor situation into which we have manoeuvred ourselves.

All aids are given to us, and will be given to us and are available to us and the whole spiritual world just waits to help us on our way, but everything depends on our will and on us making use of it and to use it the right way.

And here on this planet our will is also supported by a more than sufficient energy to strive for and reach our aim to again become gods.

And that is precisely the great test out which actually the whole life exists.

When this test remains unsuccessful then this energy in the hereafter is no longer available because then in the spiritual world conditions apply with which we do not get on with, because we have not appropriated spiritual abilities here and are therefore completely helpless.

We do not even know how communication happens since we have never learnt to transmit thoughts spiritually, and therefore do not even know how we could communicate with spiritual beings, and therefore also could communicate with God.

See Animals .

I want to come back to migratory birds and bring the last passages of the book »Seth. The "Unknown" Reality, Volume Two« by Jane Roberts. Jane Roberts was a medium and spoke for Seth and Robert Butts, Jane’s husband, wrote down what his wife said and also made remarks to his notes and all that was then published in books. The following report, on of those remarks, is insofar interesting as Rob Butts describes geese flying at night and wonders how they orientate themselves:

For in closing, I’d like to return to one of my favourite happenings: the migration of geese. I wrote the following notes in October 1975, some seven months after Jane and I had moved into our "new" house:

"The view of sky sweeping over our hill makes it much easier to see the great flights of geese heading south for the winter. Twice this week in the daytime, and once at night, large flocks have passed over. On each occasion I heard them while I was working inside the house, then rushed out into the yard. The geese seem to be more numerous on cloudy days and clear nights.

"One late-afternoon gaggle reached nearly from horizon to horizon, in three long and very noisy V-formations. And always, one bird led each V, with the two sides of the bird ‘lettering’ trailing back quite unevenly – wobbling, flexing, shifting. What free sociable claques, I thought. Amazing, the way their honking carried back to Jane and me as we stood in the driveway. We watched the geese fly toward the hills on the far side of the valley; we could still hear them even when they’d become practically invisible."

In its way the nighttime visitation was even more mysterious, for that time I looked up at a starlit but moonless sky that didn’t have a cloud in sight – and heard this multitudinous sound moving across it. The night was chilly. Jane was sleeping. All of the qualities of the bird’s flight were heightened for me by its very invisibility, for while I actually saw no geese at all, that sound was everywhere. And what guided those creatures, I wondered – magnetic lines of force, genes, innate knowledge – or what? And I knew that no objective reasoning processes alone could explain their magnificent flight.

Somehow the twice-yearly, north-and-south migrations of the geese have become symbols for me of the known and unknown qualities of life – sublime and indecipherable at the same time, enduring yet fleeting, and almost outside of the range of human events. For me, those migrations have become portents of the seasons and of the earth itself as it swings around "our" sun in great rhythms. The one consciousness (mine) stands in its body on the ground and looks up at the strange variations of itself represented by the geese. And wonders. In their own ways, do the geese wonder also? What kind of hidden interchanges between species take place at such times? If the question could be answered, would all of reality in its unending mystery lie revealed before us?

Robert F. Butts

September 1978

"Souls of animals and plants however are not severely separated from the universal godly life in space."


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