One need not speculate how information can travel from point A to point B if that information is already at point B.

The primary level of reality - a higher dimensional reality - Comment on 2015 May 3

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Individual brains are bits of the greater hologram. They have access under certain circumstances to all the information in the total system. Read more:

Today I bring an extract from a book about science and the supernatural and this extract deals with subjects we have discussed already on this website.

The looking into scientific things actually started on this website when in the year 2011 there was this discussion whether neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light and that information between two entangled particles travels faster than the speed of light and that therefore the speed of light is not the maximum speed.

Now this exchange of information between two entangled particles and thought transfer, telepathy, is something that happens in the spiritual realm and therefore does not need time and space and therefore also does not need the speed of light as maximum speed but happens instantly.

The difference between these two speeds is simply that the speed of light is a speed that takes place in the material world and that the information exchange on the level of telepathy or between two entangled particles is a purely spiritual thing and happens in the spiritual kingdom and in the spiritual kingdom we have no time-space restrictions and no physical apparatus like the brain that filters out most of the information and makes us concentrate on the task, the material task, at hand. When we pray in spirit and in truth then that is a pure spiritual process and has nothing to do with words spoken by the physical body and is transferred via physical matter, air. Only such spiritual communication carried out in "the primary level of reality" - "a higher dimensional reality" - is understood by other spiritual beings, including God.

When in the following extract David Bohm’s explicate order and his implicate order is mentioned then his explicate order is simply the material world and the implicate order is the spiritual world, "the primary level of reality".

Now follows this extract. It is from Serena Roney-Dougal’s book "Where Science & Magic Meet," 1993:

The holographic domain however, not only describes brain processing rather well but also physical reality as Bohm describes so well with his ideas about the implicate order.
In the holographic domain, each organism represents in some manner the universe, and each portion of the universe represents in some manner the organism with it.

This holographic principle is a vital component of the new/old world view that is emerging in the magical religious peoples of our time. Once again we have the conception that everything in the Universe is in some sense linked to everything else – there is no there, only here – everywhere. Time is also lost in the frequency (holographic) domain, since frequency by definition deals with how densely things occur. So, as with psychic phenomena, we are back to a situation where the usual space-time world we know about does not exist, and so the usual understanding of causality does not exist either. Instead:

Complementarities, synchronicities, symmetries and dualities must be called upon as explanatory principles.

Let us conclude this section with some excellent quotes from a book called The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes, edited by Ken Wilber, because these quotes say it all as far as I am concerned.

There are intriguing implications in a paradigm that says the brain employs a holographic process to abstract from a holographic domain. Parapsychologists have searched in vain for an energy that might transmit telepathy, psychokinesis, healing, etc. If these events emerge from frequencies transcending time and space, they don’t have to be transmitted. They are potentially simultaneous and everywhere.

One need not speculate how information can travel from point A to point B if that information is already at point B . . . If the brain is a hologram interpreting a holographic universe, ESP and PK are necessary components of that universe. Indeed holographic theorists would have to hypothesise the existence of ESP and PK had not parapsychologists carefully documented their existence over the years.

Psychic phenomena are only by-products of the simultaneous – everywhere matrix. Individual brains are bits of the greater hologram. They have access under certain circumstances to all the information in the total system. Synchronicity . . . also fits in with the holographic model. Such meaningful coincidences derive from the purposeful, patterned, organising nature of the matrix. Psychokinesis, mind affecting matter, may be a natural result of interaction at the primary level. The holographic model resolves one long-standing riddle of psi: the inability of instrumentation to track the apparent energy transfer in telepathy, healing, clairvoyance. If these events occur in a dimension transcending time and space, there is no need for energy to travel from here to there . . . [Further] implicit in the theory is the assumption that harmonious, coherent states of consciousness are more nearly attuned to the primary level of reality.

Bohm’s implicate order – a description of psychic space

Bohm discusses in depth the various quantum principles that I have already introduced like the Uncertainty Principle and Non-locality and concludes that :

One discovers . . . both from consideration of the meaning of the mathematical equations and from the results of the actual experiments, that the various particles have to be taken literally as projections of a higher dimensional reality which cannot be accounted for in terms of any force of interaction between them. [In other words:] We may regard each of the ‘particles’ constituting a system as a projection of a ‘higher dimensional reality’ rather than as a separate particle.

Thus, the example I gave earlier of my thinking of being on a beach, and a friend coincidentally thinking of me, can be seen in these terms as being two outer manifestations of one and the same thing – at some level, ‘a higher dimensional reality’ as Bohm calls it, these two thoughts are not two but one, being projected out into this external world of ours. They only appear as separate thoughts to us on this side of the veil of maya.

Another common-sense notion that Bohm demolishes (while we’re about it) is that of empty space – internal as well as external.

What we call empty space contains an immense background of energy, and . . . matter as we know it is a small ‘quantized’, wave-like excitation on top of this background, rather like a ripple on a vast sea.

In other words, space is full, not empty, and our solar system and all the stars of our galaxy, and all the thousands of other galaxies are but specks of dust on this vast sea of energy that we call space.

What we perceive through the senses as empty space is actually the ‘plenum’, which is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The things that appear to our senses are derivative forms and their true meaning can be seen only when we consider the plenum, in which they are generated and sustained, and into which they must ultimately vanish . . . It may indeed be said that life is enfolded in the totality and that, even when it is not manifest, it is somehow implicit in what we generally consider to be lifeless.

Let me explain that in terms of breath. We breathe in oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide. When within us, the air is part and parcel of our aliveness; without the air and our breath we do not live, yet on being released from our lungs and rejoining the rest of the air from which it came it does not ’die’. It may be taken in by a plant and so be part of the plant’s aliveness, and so on. Therefore, life itself has to be regarded as belonging in some sense to a totality, including plant, person and the whole environment – which Bohm extends to include the whole Universe. The Gaia Hypothesis comes to mind at this point, since the world-view engendered by that hypothesis is identical with old and new magical philosophies.

Bohm proposes that this implicate order, which stands behind the external world, applies both to matter (living and non-living) and to consciousness, in which he includes thought, feeling, desire, and will. Consciousness does not have substance and so can be understood in terms of a dimension that is closer to the implicate than the explicate. The way in which consciousness works constitutes a striking parallel to the activity proposed for the implicate order in general. For example, when listening to music, we do not perceive each note separately but we hear the tone, the feeling, the mood, etc. of the music as a whole. Each moment of consciousness has a certain explicit content, which is the foreground, and an implicit content, which is the corresponding background. The actual structure, function and activation of thought is in the implicate order. We aren’t aware of how we think, we are only aware of the end-result, the thoughts themselves. A really skilled meditator can start to become aware of a thought beginning, but even then it seems to bubble up as if from some pool below, which is seething with activity but of which we can barely begin to have any conscious idea. This pool below is the subliminal mind, which contains personal and collective unconscious, the subconscious and the preconscious levels of mind. And the subliminal mind is closer still to the implicate order than is the conscious mind. Anyone who has done any dream work, or pathworking, or worked with myth and archetypes, is well aware of the feeling tone of the symbolism which is the ‘language’ of this level of mind, and how whole enormous aspects of life can be implied by one symbol. Conscious thought has its origin in this realm of mind. Thought therefore is the manifestation of some deeper mind, and the relation between thought and the deeper mind may be like the relation between matter and the great sea of energy we call space. Thus each individual manifests in their own way the consciousness of the whole. The non-manifest is the subtler aspect, and the subtler has power to transform the gross, but not vice versa.

We are however, aware of the implicate in some aspects of our lives. Movement is sensed primarily in the implicate order, as the example with the series of inkdrops shows. If you remember, you put a whole series of drops into the glycerine and on rotating the glycerine back again you appear to get a single moving spot, whereas there is in fact a series of static spots – a bit like a film which is a series of pictures which run together fast enough to give the appearance of continuous movement. In a similar way electrons in an electric current do not really move forward any more than do waves in the sea – they only appear to. Thus waves in a sea are really moving up and down, up and down – the forward motion is an illusion as different bits of water move up and down in a sequence. In an electric current, it is the energy which moves transmitted from particle to particle - the movement is implicit in that each electron receives energy in turn, in sequence just as with the waves in the sea. In seeing movement we are seeing the implicate order, rather than the explicate which is the up-down vibration of the particle. Perhaps this is why sitting by the sea is so peaceful and refreshing to the spirit.

Serena Roney-Dougal says, "In a similar way electrons in an electric current do not really move forward any more than do waves in the sea – they only appear to." And in Waves this statement is found:

To present my understanding of electricity I draw a parallel between electricity and sound. Sound is longitudinal vibrations in matter. Think of it as compression waves. The compression waves, longitudinal vibrations of electrons in matter produce electricity.

When electrons are free to move in a conductive substance, they can be aligned by the application of a potential gradient across the conductor. Once aligned, movement can be transmitted as vibration from one electron to another down the voltage gradient. Electricity is the passage of ‘a shunt’ between electrons rather than the passage of the electrons themselves. Whilst the electrons drift slowly in the potential gradient – at approximately three hundred kilometers per hour – the electricity travels at approximately the speed of light – three hundred thousand kilometers per second. The parallel between electricity and sound makes this clear. Sound passes through air at about 1,000 miles per hour whilst, even in a hurricane, the air itself moves at only a fraction of this speed. Sound isn’t the flow of the air; it is a vibration passing through the air. Sound is a compression and rarefaction that is tantamount to a shunting of air molecules. Like sound, electricity is the passage of activity through a medium rather than the passage of the medium itself. Sound is the vibration of atomic matter. Electricity is the vibration of sub-atomic matter; it is sub-atomic sound.

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We are today in a situation where the descriptions of the spiritual realm that are produced by scientific people, on one side, and that come from spiritual writings, on the other side, differ very little.

The difference is that spiritual people look down from the spiritual viewpoint upon the material world and simply understand what is going on there, how it came into being and how it will end.

But the scientific people are in their material surroundings and try to understand the spiritual world and have tremendous problems grasping what it is all about.


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