God himself even dwells visibly among his as a sign that the end is near.

God himself appears - Comment on 2015 April 24

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Where God himself has once appeared there the opponent of God no longer has a target because their faith is no longer shakeable. Read more:

An announcement by Bertha Dudde:


Raging of Satan in the time of the end. Falling off from faith.

19. and 20. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3958.

The number of unbelievers will increase in the time of the end and almost threaten to crush the small flock of believers. And with the falling off from faith also the raging of Satan appears more and more because men lose the last feeling of responsibility in the face of a just judge because they do not believe in him. And for that reason God appears obviously to first strengthen the faith of his, so that they do not become wavering in the face of the godlessness of the unbelievers and their worldly successes. But he also still wants to give them the possibility to think things over, and therefore assists his so obviously that also an unbeliever can recognize the power of God, that he can win back faith, which he has lost when he just summons up the smallest will for that purpose. God will do signs and wonders through his tools on earth. His servants on earth will therefore apparently accomplish the extraordinary but God himself expresses himself through them; he announces himself, and he even dwells visibly among his as a sign that the end is near, but recognized only by those who love him out of the whole heart and keep his commandments who have formed themselves to love on earth and are exceedingly busy in their activity for his kingdom. And unusual power will also be inherent in them because God himself can take residence in their hearts and his love power fills them. The unbelievers will be able to convince themselves of this power; they will have to admit that a higher power is at work inasmuch as they are just willing to think about the unusual appearances which the last time before the end will bring with it. But they are too much focused on the world and do not pay attention to them; they despise the believers and persecute them and thereby bring them into severe miseries and distress out of which only the obvious help of God supports them and them lets persevere. Because the work of God among his will be so obvious that they rally and resist all the assaults of the world; firmer than ever they will be in faith and completely surrender to God and his guidance that they neither fear trouble or death, and therefore also bear everything more easily what will rush in upon them. Where God himself has once appeared there the opponent of God no longer has a target because their faith is no longer shakeable. And God will be near to his as he has promised. He will give them comfort and power; he will instruct them and hold out a prospect of his quick coming; he will drive them to increased love activity because his presence, whether worldly or spiritually, will fill men with love towards him and towards fellow men and therefore also with power. But in the time of the end the obvious work of God is necessary because also this contributes to the separation of the spirits. The still lukewarm and undecided can decide to which camp they want to belong because for this a last impetus is still given to them. They can convince themselves about the power of faith, which will also be master of the greatest earthly trouble, and change their attitude towards God, i.e. establish the right attitude towards him. Where God appears obviously, there will be peace and hope despite all trouble, and because the lot of the believers is an extraordinary severe one, the former will let the unbelievers be taken aback. And who respects his word, who listens to his servants on earth, his will will change, and every willing soul then seizes God in his love and compassion, and he helps it and rescues it from eternal darkness. He will enliven their still weak faith and give them the power to endure until the end, until he will come in the clouds and takes the flock of his believers to himself. Amen. B.D. NR. 3958.


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