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Superself - Comment on 2015 March 18

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This unknown quality of the mind is really our own self on the next level. It knows far more than we do because it does not have to use a brain to filter out everything, except such parts of its experience as are suitable to life on earth. Read more:

I bring an extract from a book by Ian Wilson. The title of the book is "Superself. The hidden powers within ourselves", 1989.

The extract is the end of Ian Wilson’s book, the last paragraphs of the last chapter:

Why should a divine being bother with super-normal calculative powers?

Even though such considerations deflect from any too-ready identification of the superself with God, Christ or any other form of divine being, nonetheless there are some very unearthly ‘superior’ aspects to the superself, as if it indeed belongs to some other less finite plane of existence in which almost all things are possible. That redoubtable dowser, the late Tom Lethbridge, seems to have sensed something of this when he wrote of what he appeared to be getting through to with his pendulum:

It seems to me . . . that this unknown quality of the mind is really our own self on the next level of the Spiral of Evolution. It knows far more than we do because (its vibrational level being far higher) it does not have to use a brain to filter out everything, except such parts of its experience as are suitable to life on earth. It lives in a timeless zone and can consider everything at leisure. It is far more our real self than we are in bodily life . . .

If Lethbridge is right, could it indeed be that the superself is our real self, effectively what the religious call the soul, a timeless, imperishable self altogether superior to the physical body, and unextinguishable by whatever damage this and its brain may suffer? Is this the potential super-us, already on a different evolutionary plane, but with which our conscious selves have some glimpse of their real selves, have all too often been those who have come face to face with their own mortality through a life-threatening illness. These are intriguing thoughts, but inevitably they raise more questions than they answer.

If, for instance, the superself really is our true, eternal self, the potential that is available to all of us if we ‘let go’ in order to be in touch with it, what is our consciousness? What purpose do our consciousnesses serve if they are altogether inferior to our ‘real’ selves?

In this context there is one peculiar and potentially highly instructive aspect of the superself that has so far gone unmentioned. In all that we have seen, there has been absolutely no indication that the superself has any form of will. Just as we have established that consciousness can never force anything from the superself, that it always has to ‘let go’ before the superself can come through, so it would seem that the superself never imposes itself upon the consciousness. Its role is ever that of a servant, instructor, adviser, healer, guide. Although we have called it a puppet-master, in fact for all its apparent power, it never seems to force itself upon anyone. It seems quite literally to be the genie to the Aladdin of our consciousness.

So, is our self-aware consciousness the free will God-given to all of us? And is the superself the equally God-given gift within us from which we can gain most by relinquishing the hold of our selfishness and self-awareness? We live in a scientific era that has increasingly turned away from exploration of our inner being, and perhaps because of this, or because in our earthly lives we are not intended to know, there are no easy answers. For all that we have learned about distant planets and of the vastness of outer space, the ultimate questions of who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going, questions that philosophers have been asking for thousands of years, still remain to be answered.

All that can be said is that, whoever we are, however disadvantaged or disabled we may be, from all the evidence we have seen there really does seem to be a greater world, indeed a greater universe, within us than anything at all graspable by our consciousness. Throughout time that inner world has been known by many names. We have chosen to call it the superself. Whatever it is, wherever it is (for it may even be without us rather than within us), it is our consciousness’s unseen companion from the birth to the grave. And it may well be the most precious gift we have, even beyond that of life itself.

"In all that we have seen, there has been absolutely no indication that the superself has any form of will."

This is an interesting statement, but the truth is a little bit different.

It has a will, but it is our task to use our will without the superself’s will and get back to our divine position as gods.

The superself has indeed a will, and it is free as is our will, and we have to bring our will into line with his will, and that is it what is our task here on earth, to find out about this and do it. And all tools for this are given to us, an intellect and a heart, and it is up to our will, to use it, and use it the right way.

This is just a test and we have the task find out that it is and pass it.

This is the genius of the teaching of Bertha Dudde. It makes absolute sense and agrees fully with the experience of man and gives us a comprehensible picture of our world and our circumstances.

All the miraculous abilities that man has and that Ian Wilson discusses in his book are real, but cannot be proven, and that for the purpose that we do not know that there is a God who has all this power, because when we could have proof of this powerful God then everyone would just do what this omnipotent being wants.

But we are to do the right thing out of our own free will and that is why all the information about the spiritual kingdom is filtered out of our system. We have access to it and enlightenment will be given to us when we seek it, but we have to convince ourselves about it by growing our soul in applying this enlightenment in our life.

And to understand this, one first has to understand and accept free will, free will of man and free will of God.

Now I bring an extract from a report about the meeting with beings in the spiritual kingdom. It comes from Robert Monroe:

I kept to the promise in this statement; believed myself to be very humble and inadequate . . . and was astonished that I remained so calm in the face of this encounter which took place . . . of the boldness of my advances, of the extent of my ignorance . . . THEIR shining answer to these shreds of thoughts was of such profound nature, that I almost would crumble and would have lost composure, no patronizing, no pity, no feeling of superiority . . . but beyond of friendship, beyond of comradeship, beyond of father-mother-parents, beyond of affection, beyond all words . . . When THEY would have told me they were my creator God, I would have taken it.

(But we are not that, Mister Monroe.)

THEY even knew how they could put him right again, this strange Mister Monreo.

Actually it is simply a relationship between two completely free beings or men, where everyone leaves to the other his complete freedom and is satisfied with every answer, also when it does not correspond with what one has requested; a communication, which takes place without manipulation attempts and leaves free will to everyone.


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