And I will truly give you a safe escort and whether you walk in the midst of devils.

Light bearers protected through light beings until mission completed - Comment on 2015 March 8

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That is why a light bearer can fearlessly face those who want to do evil to him; he will confuse them in their plan; they will desist from it, even so under threat and curses; because they feel his superiority, although they do not want to acknowledge it earthly. Read more:

Bertha Dudde:


Light bearers protected through light beings until mission completed. Boundary.

31. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3919.

Those who stand in the light do not need to fear darkness. And so also my bearers of truth do not need to be afraid of the goings-on of dark powers, of their instructions and measures, although they have been born in deepest hate, although they impress the mind like threatening ghosts. The light bearers will remain unharmed, because they are subordinated to my protection. And I will truly give you a safe escort and whether you walk in the midst of devils. Because darkness does not drive out bright light, which irradiates you, which is indeed not visible to the human eye, but from which the low spiritual flees, because in the light it also recognizes its Lord, with whom it does not want to come in touch. That is why a light bearer can fearlessly face those who want to do evil to him; he will confuse them in their plan; they will desist from it, even so under threat and curses; because they feel his superiority, although they do not want to acknowledge it earthly. Because many light beings also help a light bearer in every difficult life situation, because they do not let a mission, which is exceedingly urgent, be endangered through human will, ruled by the opponent. When I choose for myself workers for this urgent mission, then the whole kingdom of light is animated by the will to protect these workers, because my will flows through all beings, which belong to my kingdom. And the power of those beings is truly stronger than the powers of darkness; even so earthly this does not really appear so. But the light bearers themselves are to know this that they are untouchable by the powers hostile towards me. That is why they are to be without fear; a boundary is drawn around them, from which every dark being starts back, when it does not want to challenge myself. Only when this mission of the light bearer is fulfilled, when the hour of his death has come, I loosen this boundary, but to the judgement and to the eternal damnation of him, who breaks it – but for the light bearer himself to increased happiness. As long as he works on earth on my behalf he can venture into the middle among the devils and reproach them with the sinfulness of their doings. They will not be able to kill him because he is my emissary, my servant, my messenger, who imparts pure spiritual things to earth men to snatch them back from the abyss of ruin. And this knowledge is to give him courage and power; he is to believe in me and my word and be constantly sure of my presence as long as he serves me with eagerness and rules his office, as long as he is prepared to carry out my Gospel into the world – to bring the light to fellowmen, which he has received from myself. Earth lies in deepest darkness and must be illuminated to let the earth wanderers find the right way. And where such his light shines, there those shunning the light will never stay, but it will flee from the light shine. But in the spiritual world the light is penetrating; it does not shine covered and for that reason will always be felt by the beings of darkness as light, however not desired – why every lustre is avoided because they cannot put out the light; but its shine gives them agonies. Because I stand behind every carrier of light as original source of light – and where I am truly the power of evil is broken. Amen. B.D. NR. 3919.


See Protection.


Where Jesus is, there the power of evil is truly broken.

This experience has to grow in us. The more often we experience the protection of Jesus the more we will be convinced that it is real.

This does not only apply to the hostilities of men who are ill-disposed towards us. Sun light is something quite positive and to expose oneself to sun light can be very profitable. The decisive fact there is whether our protection comes from God. Then we will use the sun right, and for someone who behaves in opposition towards God, it might be harmful.

A week ago I read something about the harmfulness of wind turbines. And there it is similar. When we stand on God’s side, these power stations will not harm us.

And when somebody owns landed property, which is affected by such a plant, then this could indeed be good reason to separate from such worldly possession.

A person led by the spirit of God will be led by him in such a way that he will remove himself from such source of harm.

I now bring a few extracts from the article:

Danish debate

Does infra-sound from wind power plants cause illness?

For fear of health damage through infra-sound hardly any wind energy plants are still built in Denmark. A state investigation is running. German authorities play down the problem.

How close are wind power plants allowed to be built to inhabited places? Reports about health harming sound emissions from wind power installations have already led to a dramatic slowing down of the speed of the build-up.

Do the turbines produce vibrations under the limit of hearing ability, which let animals go crazy and perhaps burden the health of men?

For men inaudible sound with low frequency apparently emits from these installations. It is always generated then when the rotor blade passes the tower of the wind power installation and compresses air in the process. The vibrations of below 20 Hertz are not only harming the health of animals, but also that of men.

"We choose those people who are affected in the vicinity of the installations of sound emissions, and compare their health data with inhabitants in the neighbour communities."

But despite their high scientific claim also the Danish study will not be able to end the dispute between wind power opponents and supporters. Even when in the nearness of the wind power installations a higher rate of illness is established, no-one could say whether the symptoms were caused physically-medically or have merely psychosomatic reasons.

"Hundreds of thousands of people also suffer in Denmark from time immemorial under chronic health problems", says the researcher at the Copenhagen University, who does not want to be named. "There suggests itself for many to simply attribute their trouble to the existence of the far off visible wind power plants."

According to this version particularly wind power opponents suffer, who actively fight against the building projects in their neighbourhood, because of frustration and annoyance under a stress burden, which can also have health effects.

The feeling as individual to fight against a green social main stream out of selfish motives, put especially the adapted living normal citizen under a high psychic pressure. "Not the wind power plant, but the fight against the wind power plant makes sick", says the scientist.

The wind power opponent as imaginary patient: Also German authorities tend to this view because the evidence for the existence of wind power sicknesses was so far thin. The experiments of New Zealand researchers in fact suggest that the indisposition of the test persons hit with low frequency sound is to be attributed to a reverse placebo effect, the so-called Nocebo effect.

In the experiment also such participants claim to feel symptoms who were only apparently exposed to the infra sound source. Alone the expectation of a health injury had therefore led to indisposition, although a physical cause was not given at all.

"The assumption, deep sounds would not be processed by the ear, because they are not or are difficult to be heard, is wrong", says the neurobiologist Markus Drexl: "The ear reacts quite well also upon very deep frequency sounds."

It would indeed be unusual when the in the meantime great number of reported health problems worldwide would be explainable alone through psychosomatic imagination and nocebo effect.


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